Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off?

why do my polygel nails pop off

Polygel nails are the new fad. They are one of the great and newest ways of nail enhancement; however, not everyone can handle them gracefully. Many people end up breaking the polygel nails, or they pop off. If your polygel nails are also not sticking properly, this article will help.

Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off?

One of the major reasons for polygel nails popping off is the slip solution. The slip solution must be completely dry before applying the polygel nails over your natural nails. In this way, it will not interfere with the seal between the base coat and polygel and ensure high bond strength. Furthermore, the nails will pop off if you start filing the polygel nails to get them a perfect shape without letting the slip solution dry. They require time to set on the nails and should be placed under the UV light for the prescribed time.

What Is The Function Of Slip Solution?

Slip solution is one of the most important components of a polygel nails kit. It is an alcohol-based solution that prevents polygel from sticking to the nail brush when it is used to press the polygel nail onto the dual form. If the slip solution is not completely dry, it will interfere with the bond between the polygel and base coat, reducing their strength. When a polygel nail is not stuck with the base coat properly, it becomes prone to breaking or falling off prematurely. Therefore, once you are done shaping the polygel onto a dual form, wait until the slip solution dries. As it dries, you can press it on your natural nails. Generally, the slip solution dries within one to two minutes, depending upon the amount you have applied.

How To Press The Polygel Nail For The Best And Long-lasting Result?

Always start with the cuticle end and press the polygel nail down towards the free edge. Keep your hands gentle but firm. Ensure no air bubble traps inside, and the polygel attaches to the nail surface completely. If you are attaching long polygel nails on short natural nails, make sure you have wiped off the excess slip solution on a paper towel. At the same time, ensure the slip solution does not run down the nail’s surface as it may again break the bond between base coat and polygel.

Can Polygel Nails Pop Off Due To Too Much Bending?

You must know how to file elongated nail tips before getting polygel nails. Sometimes, beginners put too much pressure on the tips to get the desired shape of the polygel nails. Too much bending around the new seals makes them prone to breaking. It is because the seal’s strength gets weak, and polygel nails become loose. Therefore, first, give enough time for the polygel nails to set, and secondly, do not press around the new seal excessively so that the result may last longer. Avoiding these two important points can cause the polygel nail to lift and break off.

What Are The Other Reasons For Polygel Nails To Pop Off?

Apart from slip solution, you must give heed to the following-

  • Ensure that the nail surface is free of oily substances, including lotion.
  • Buff the nail surface slightly to remove the shine.
  • Apply nail dehydrator and pH solution before polygel nail application,
  • Use only the base coat that comes in the kit.
  • Proper prep of nail surface is equally important to avoid polygel nails from popping off.

Tips To Prevent Polygel Nails From Popping Off

These tips will help polygel nails last longer and prevent their premature breakage.

  • Ensure the slip solution is completely dry before applying the polygel nail to the natural nail.
  • Filing the elongated nail tips requires skills, and you must develop them before getting the polygel nails at home. If your action is fast and strong, polygel seals may become weak.
  • File nails gently. Avoid force filing.
  • Never file the nails with back and forth motion as it will lift the new seal, increasing the chances of poly gel nail breakage.
  • Always use one-ay filing to protect your nail from breakage and premature popping-off.

If you are getting polygel nails by yourself at home for the first time, you may end up messing things around. Do not panic or get discouraged. It happens with most beginners. It takes time and practice to master the skill of applying the polygel nails. Usually, polygel nails stay for two to four weeks, and if you have done it correctly, you can enjoy its complete lifespan.

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