Can You Use a Basecoat as a Topcoat?

can you use base coat as top coat

While using nail paints, you can use the base coat as the top coat and vice versa with the level of performance being the only difference, but it is not recommended. Sometimes using the wrong coat can reduce the manicure’s durability and result in quick chipping and peeling. The purpose of the base and top coat is different. The base coat acts as an anchor to the nail polish while the top coat acts as a protecting shield.

Can You Use a Base Coat As A TopCoat or Vice Versa?

1. Lack of Enough Protection to The Nail Polish

A top coat can protect the nail polish from external factors such as water, and UV light. and other chemicals, because of which it will lose its color and start peeling. There is a high concentration of film formers in the top coat which turns it into a hard and durable layer, that shields the nail polish by sealing it off. The base coat forms a soft and weak layer that is not potent enough to protect the nail polish. Certain brands will have a sticky top layer which isn’t effective in protecting the manicure.

2. No Proper Bonding with Nail Polish

Top coats are made to stick to the nail polish firmly so it can last for a longer period whereas the base coats are just meant to bond with nail plates, for creating a surface to which the nail polish can anchor. Thus, the base coat can be washed away easily.

3. There Will Be No Glossy Appearance

Top coats are responsible for making the nails shiny. The base coat can also result in a similar effect but the durability will be low, so the glossy appearance won’t last long.

4. Non-Adherence to Nail Plate

A base coat has high resin levels and acts as a double-sided tape which can not just hold the nail plate but also create s sticky layer for the nail polish. Applying the top coat first will have non-adherence to nail plate issues, causing the nail polish to peel prematurely. So in case you don’t have the base coat, simply the nail polish can be applied.

5. Nails Get Stained

Base coats prevent the nails from getting stained, especially when a nail polish has a lot of pigmentation. Using the top coat as a base coat will not help in this case and the natural nails will get pigmented. When you don’t want to opt for the hassle of base and top coat while applying nail polish, opt for the brands which provide 2 in 1 products that can be used as a base as well as a top coat but this won’t give a finished look that comes from using the two coats. It is important to keep the above points in mind when you are applying the base and top coat, so you can get the best outcome and it will last longer too.

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