Can You Put An Acrylic Nail On A Missing Fingernail?

can you put an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail

Can You Paint Your Nails With Acrylic Paint? People with fragile nails often end up breaking their nails easily. For some women, a broken nail is no less than a broken heart, as nails enhance the beauty of fingers and hands. Even though people whose nails are prone to breaking take extra care, accidents may happen, leading to losing one.

When a nail gets missing, different ideas to bring your fingers’ beauty back make a breakthrough. Since hands start looking awkward with a missing nail, the most common question is can you put an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail.

The answer is yes, you can apply an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail, but it should not be your top priority. In fact, experts suggest avoiding putting an acrylic nail as when it comes in direct contact with skin, the chances of an infection increase.

Acrylic nail application is a chemical process and should always be done under the guidance of a professional.

Putting An Acrylic Nail On Missing Fingernail

Acrylic nails give a feeling of natural nails as they are hard, durable, and look exactly like a natural nail. It is why acrylic nail comes to mind whenever a nail breaks.

However, no matter how tempting acrylic nails may look, there application comes with certain risks, among which the biggest one is a skin infection. Applying acrylic nails directly on the nail bed makes the area prone to irritation and infection that may spread to other parts of the finger. Such infections do not take much time to turn into a wound, especially when left untreated.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to take the help of a professional if you are planning to get an acrylic nail on mussing fingernail.

Applying Another Nail Instead Of An Acrylic Nail On A Missing Fingernail

Many people opt for gel or poly gel instead of acrylic nails, but they have their own pros and cons. Polygels and gels application directly on the nail beds invites infection. Therefore, fake nails application should be avoided.

No matter which fake nail you are applying, it should be on the grown nails. If you have a broken nail, always consult a dermatologist to treat the nail bed and let it stay infection-free.

Drawbacks Of Applying Acrylic Nails On Missing Fingernails

Infection– The major drawback of acrylic nail application over a missing fingernail is bacterial infection over the nail beds. While you can easily clean your natural nails and maintain hygiene, doing it over fake nails is tricky. It welcomes bacteria to attack the nail beds and proliferate. You don’t want to risk your finger, right?

Irregular Nail Growth– Another downside of applying acrylic nails over missing fingernails is your new nail may grow in an irregular pattern as acrylic nails will hinder its growth. When the actual growth of the nail is affected, it can create messy nail growth that no one wants.

Hindered Nail Growth– In some cases, when the growth of the natural nail is hindered, it stops growing further forever. Therefore, it is always suggested to let your nails heal and grow naturally. Once they develop fully, you can apply acrylic nails and flaunt them to the world.

How Can I Make My Hands Look Good With A Missing Fingernail?

The best way to hide your missing fingernail is by applying a bandage. It will hide the ugliness of the finger and allow the area to heal naturally, keeping the bacterial infection at bay. Another way is painting the nail bed with some high-quality nail paint or putting cute bandages in the area.

Make sure to avoid cheap and toxic nail colors, as they can make things worse.

Taking Care Of Your Exposed Nail Bed

If hygiene is not maintained, nail beds are prone to getting an infection. You can take care of exposed nail bed in the following ways-

  • Keep the area clean with the help of soap and warm water. Do not use hot water. Lukewarm water or cold water will be good.
  • Once the nail bed is clean, dry it with a soft cotton towel.
  • Apply antiseptic or petroleum jelly over the dry nail bed.
  • Repeat the process every day and reapply the antiseptic pr petroleum jelly.

The acrylic nail may look extremely tempting, especially when you have lost your fingernail. But it comes with plenty of drawbacks when applied directly to the nail bed. Therefore, avoid applying it over a missing fingernail. Once the nail grows and heals naturally, you can apply acrylic nails. If the nail looks infected, consult your doctor immediately to prevent it from spreading.

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