Can You Paint Over Acrylic Nails?

can you paint over acrylic nails,

If you can’t apply nail paint over acrylic nails, what is the point of getting them at first? In fact, applying nail paint over acrylic nails is so easy and fun that you would love to change the colors and designs every day.

Getting acrylic nails brings awesomeness to the hands, but one of the concerns that come with it is whether you can paint over the acrylic nails or not. No one gets acrylic nails to shield the natural nails. The main intention is to make the nails and hands look stunning and flaunt them.

To answer the question, it is perfectly safe to apply paint over acrylic nails and make them look gorgeous. However, you should know how to apply the paint as the process differs from applying over natural nails. Just make sure that you use acrylic-friendly paint to get the best result.

How To Apply Paint Over Acrylic Nails

Since applying paint over acrylic nails differs from the normal nail, you must know the correct ways so that nothing goes wrong and you can flaunt your impressive nails.

Step 1- Remove the old nail paint

Before applying fresh nail paint, you must completely get rid of old nail paint from your acrylic nails. Even if the nail paint has worn out, make sure there are no leftovers. Use a high-quality nail polish remover to remove the old nail paint.

Here, you need to ensure that the nail polish remover is acetone-free. Since most nail polish removers have acetone, you cannot use them over your acrylic nails. It is because acetone can dissolve acrylic, and the nails can start coming off along with the nail paint.

Acetone is generally used when you wish to remove the acrylic nails, but when it is only about nail paint over acrylic nails, acetone is a big NO. So keep that in mind to protect your acrylic nails from damage.

Step 2- Clean Your Nails and Dry Them

Once the old nail polish is wiped off completely, and there are no leftovers, clean your hands gently with wipes. You can use baby wipes. Make sure you do not use any harsh chemicals or any chemical-based nail care product, as it may increase the chances of dissolving the acrylic base.

You can also wash the hands and let them dry, but do not soak them in water for a long duration. Although this step may look irrelevant, it is essential to perform as any moisture left between your new nail paint and acrylic could lead to infection.

Step 3- Apply base coat before nail paint

It is recommended to apply at least one or more coats of base coat before applying fresh nail paint over acrylic nails. Get a base coat that is tailor-made for acrylic or acrylic nails friendly as they make direct contact with the acrylic nails.
Although a base coat is generally not applied when we apply nail paint over natural nails, it becomes an essential step while working with acrylic nails. This step ensures that the acrylic nails will not stain with the direct application of nail paint. At the same time, the base coat enhances the longevity of acrylic nails and nail paint.

Step 4- Apply Nail Polish over Acrylic Nails

Once the base coat dries, you can start applying your nail polish. Apply two or three coats to get the desired intensity of color. Stroke the brush in one direction constantly. Make sure that the first coat is completely dry before applying the next one.

Apart from nail paint, you can also get a little creative and apply the design on your nails. Choose the color you want- bright Fuschia, tomato red, or nude and put them over your acrylic nails. Eye-catchy designs also make the hands look attractive. Make something extraordinary, or keep it simple if you prefer. Do anything you like, just like you do with your natural nails.

You can use regular nail paint; however, it is recommended to avoid gel nail polish on acrylic nails as it can damage the acrylic base.

Step 5- Finish with a Top Coat for Extra Sheen

Once you are done with nail paint, it’s time to add some extra sheen to the nails with a top coat. As the nail paint gets dried completely, apply a top coat, or everything will go messy.

The top coat enhances the look of nails and improves the life of nail paint. At the same time, it prevents acrylics from chipping.


You have got acrylic nails to give a stunning look to your hands. Do not hesitate before applying nail paint over them; just make sure you use the right products and apply in the correct ways to get the best result.

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