Why Does My Nail Burn After Getting Acrylics?

why does my nail burn after getting acrylics

Acrylic nails are fake nails that are usually done to make the hands appear beautiful. These can be nail extensions or enhancements, placed on the natural nails as fashion accessories. The main issue with this is the burning sensation occurring during the application. Read on to know the reason and remedies for this.

Why Does My Nail Burn After Getting Acrylics?

Here are the reasons for the burning sensation while getting acrylics:

  • Excessive application of primer on the nails leads to heat generation that results in a burning sensation.
  • Lack of allowing enough time for the primer to dry.
  • Excess application of acrylic powder on thin nails.

Primers are needed for the application of acrylic nails for preparing the nail surface to create a strong bond with the artificial nail. Primers are of two types-acidic and non-acidic, of which the latter is gentler on the nails and skin.

The acidic primers have methacrylic acid and are often preferred in salons since they have superior quality and can create a strong bond between natural and acrylic nails.

Once the primer dries out, the burning sensation might persist and in worst cases, it can become a severe itching.

Ways Of Stopping Burning Sensation After Using Acrylic Nail Primer

Some simple ways of avoiding the burning sensation from acrylic nail primer are as follows:

  1. Avoid using too much primer on the nail surface. Make sure that it doesn’t flood the cuticle lines.
  2. Let the primer dry before applying the acrylic nail. You can know that it has dried by checking for a chalky white and matte appearance whereas the wet primer looks shiny.

Strong chemicals are used in acrylic nails and people using them have different levels of tolerance so some may feel the burning sensation while others may not. When it is done carefully, the burning sensation usually stops in some time but if it persists for long hours, seek the help of an expert.

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