How to Choose The Right Nail Shape for Your Fingers

nail shape guide

Keeping your nails clean is a hygienic activity that everyone needs to follow. Women go for a manicure which not only keeps the nails clean but also helps in beautifying them by applying beautiful colors, designs, and shapes. Just like all colors do not suit all the skin tones, so is the case with nail shape. Not all the shapes suit all the hands. Let us focus on how to choose a nail shape to make the fingers appear naturally beautiful.

Choosing The Right Nail Shape:

nail shape guide
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We often want to make our fingers appear longer and wider but the efforts are wasted when we choose the wrong nail shape while manicuring. It is challenging to know which is the right shape for a hand but with the simple tricks mentioned below, we can decide this easily:

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1. Oval Shaped Nails:

Oval Shaped Nails

The nail is shaped like an egg in this case. In the case of smaller hands with short fingers, it is elongated for making the nails appear longer. Filling in on the sides adds to its length.

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2. Round Shaped Nails:

round shaped nails

They have a circular tip and reflect the nail’s contour. It is best for short fingers because they look elongated when the wide nail beds are softened and slimmed down. Getting this shape is quite easy as you just have to follow the nail’s natural shape while filing it, ensuring to get straight sides and rounded top.

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3. Square Shaped Nails:

square shaped nails

Filing the nail in a straight line helps in easily getting this shape which has a straight side having a blunt top edge. The shape can make the fingers look shorter portraying it as a wider nail bed. But those already having slender nail beds and long fingers can definitely try this shape as it makes them appear chic owing to the sharp edges.

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4. Squoval Shaped Nails:

Squoval Shaped Nails

It is the combination of a square and oval shape which is easy to maintain as most people can find it as the naturally growing shape. Trimming the nails to the desired length helps in getting a square shape whose corners can be then filed to get a rounded shape. It suits most finger types but looks best when the nail length doesn’t go beyond the fingertip.

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5. Ballerina Shaped Nails:

ballerina shaped nails

It is coffin-shaped with tapered sides which can be done by squaring the free edges of the nail. Compared to the square shape, it is narrower, having a squared-off tip which looks good on slim fingers having strong and long nails.

6. Almond Shaped Nails:

almond shaped nails

This shape has slimmer sides and a wider base with a rounded peak. People having shorter fingers can try this shape to make them appear longer. Filing the sides and narrowing the tip to get a peak shape is the trick to get this shape easily.

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7. Stiletto Shaped Nails:

stiletto shaped nails

These are among the most difficult to maintain shapes as they are prone to breakage. They are long and filed to get a pointed tip. It suits long fingers. Acrylics or nail gels are used for reinforcing them.

8. Lipstick Shaped Nails:

lipstick shaped nails

Instagram influencers generally use this shape as it makes the fingers appear longer. To get this asymmetrical angle, the nails can be filed to create a diagonal slant so that it looks like lipstick.

Final Words:

Now you must have known that the nail shape should follow the shape of the cuticle line. This can enhance the natural finger shape with the least effort. But in the case of certain shapes like lipstick or stiletto, one has to pay attention to avoid breakage that can result in an ugly look.

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