Splat Black Hair Dye

Splat Black Hair Dye,

To many people, new hair symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings. Dying your hair a new color may be the thing you need to begin a new chapter in your life. As long as you are ready to make that wonderful change, then this blog on splat black hair dye helps you out to know the black shades available, how long does it last, and much more.

Splat Black Hair Dye

What Actually Is Splat Black Hair Dye?

Splat is a well-renowned famous hair dye brand that offers a variety of bright, temporary, and semi-permanent hair dyes. This semi-permanent dye just coats the outside of your hair strands to produce amazing but temporary shades. Your color will turn into a softer and pastel version of itself as it fades. Besides, be aware that a lot of their hair colors require hair bleaching beforehand in order to obtain the proper color payoff.

This splat black hair dye is the darkest of dark, a real perfect jet black permanent hair dye, great to carry the things to the dark side and not looking backward. It offers a full coverage and comes as an easy-to-apply cream application. It is formulated with aloe vera and soy protein that condition and help strengthen and repair your hair from root to end resulting in high shine colors.

How Long Does Splat Black Hair Dye Last?

As claimed by manufacturers, splat black hair dye lasts for four to six weeks, although some folks may find that its color lasts much longer. Despite the fact, that this black hair dye does not stay the same amount of time for everyone, there are few things that may cause your color to last longer or fade more quickly than others.

Well, give a look on the following notable factors that can affect the durability of splat black hair dye

  • Hair which has been colored before might not stand the color properly
  • The texture, type, and porosity of your hair may impact the length of the dye
  • The hair products that you use in your daily haircare routine may shorten or prolong the life of the dye
  • The more frequently you wash your hair, the more quicker your dye fades off

How To Make Splat Black Hair Dye Last Longer

If you are wondering how you can make your splat black hair dye last longer, then make use of the below tips

Apply On A Wet Hair: Apply this splat black hair dye on your wet damp hair rather than on a dry hair to achieve the desired results. Dampening your hair with water prior to applying splat black hair dye can help open the hair cuticles so that they can absorb the dye properly.

Allow The Dye To Sit On Your Hair For A Longer Time: To make your splat black hair dye lasts longer and to attain its absolute results, let the dye stay on your hair for a longer time before rinsing.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often: If you want the splat black hair dye to stay longer, then do not wash your hair frequently. Try washing your hair no more than two times a week in order to extend the life of your applied splat black hair dye.

Minimize The Usage Of Hot Tools: Stay away from using the hot tools too often as much as possible. When you want to style your hair using hot tools, then get it started with a high-quality heat protectant and make sure to keep the temperature on a low setting.

Limit The Exposure To Sunlight: As already known, the UV rays in sunlight are harsh and may damage your skin and hair. Coming to color-treated hair, the harsh UV rays can suck the color from your hair strands a lot earlier or sooner than you want. To avoid fading off the dye, try to cover your hair with a hat or scarf or even you can use a SPF and UV blockers rich hair products before heading outside.

Features And Good Benefits Of Splat Back Hair Dye

Splat black hair dye is useful in covering all your grays and when you want to go all black. It is ideal for providing ultra-dark results and works perfectly for all-over full coverage color. Here are some features and benefits of splat black hair dye

  • Has a permanent hair color formula
  • Contains soy protein which aids in strengthening and repairing your hair
  • It is an easy, no-drip and cream application
  • Includes aloe vera to nourish your hair and scalp and increase the moisture and shine as well


As seen above, splat black hair dye amazingly covers your entire hair and leaves it looking shiny, softer, and healthier. If you are tired after trying out all vivid colors for your hair and now wanted to go all black, then try using splat black hair dye for optimum results.

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