7 Best Hair Ties For Thick Hair

7 Best Hair Ties For Thick Hair

While thick hair has its own charm, tying it without snapping, pulling, and slipping is a real deal. The struggle behind managing thick hair with a hair tie is real. I have known people who continue buying different hair ties to style their hair but with failed attempts.

The best hair ties for thick hair help secure hair without squeezing or making it so tight that it gives a headache. Today, you can find different hair types- elastic hair ties, satin scrunches, and spiral hair ties. However, what will suit the thick hair depends on its quality.

Here, we have listed the 7 best hair ties for thick hair that are big enough to securely hold thick hair yet still gentle enough to avoid damaging strands. Keep reading to find out more about them, and pick your favorite.

Top PicksCheck Price
No Slip, No Damage: Burlybands Large Hair Ties for Thick, Heavy, or Curly HaiBuy on Amazon
For Long-lasting Braids:Goody Ouchless Women’s Elastic Hair TieBuy on Amazon
Strong Grip and Non-Soaking:invisible Original Traceless Spiral Hair TiesBuy on Amazon
Extra Long:Revlon Extra Long Black Hair ElasticsBuy on Amazon
Satin Scrunchies:Chloven 20 Colors Large Satin Hair ScrunchiesBuy on Amazon
No Crease Damage:J-mee Hair Bands Hair Ties For Thick HairBuy on Amazon
Best for Ponytail Bun Pigtail:72 Pcs Seamless High Elastic Cotton Hair TiesBuy on Amazon

7 Best Hair Ties For Thick Hair

1. No Slip, No Damage: Burlybands Large Hair Ties for Thick, Heavy, or Curly Hai

Buy On Amazon

  • It is an elastic hair tie coming in a pack of three
  • The ties are super strong, flexible, and large, suitable for thick hair
  • You can easily wrap these ties three times and secure hair properly
  • It works well for a ponytail with up to a 4.75-inch circumference
  • They do not have any metal pieces, thus keeping your hair strands free from unnecessary friction and damage
  • They are highly comfortable, and you can wear them throughout the day

What We Don’t Like: Fewer colors are available.

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2. For Long-lasting Braids: Goody Ouchless Women’s Elastic Hair Tie

Buy On Amazon

  • These are strong and durable elastic hair ties, comfortable to wear all through the day
  • Designed for medium to thick hair to secure properly with no fuss
  • The fabric is super-stretchy and easy to wrap around the hair without causing any breakage
  • Free of any metal pieces, therefore, do not damage hair
  • It comes with 27 hair ties, so you get a stock for a year

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What We Don’t Like: Fine rubber threads poking out after a few uses.

3. Strong Grip and Non-Soaking: invisible Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties

Buy On Amazon

  • These are spiral hair ties that are highly comfortable and suitable for thick hair
  • They help hold the hair in one place for long hours without causing any kinks or damage
  • With extra stretchy fabric, they are easy to accommodate n all hair types
  • They are water-repellent and available in different colors options

What We Don’t Like: The color options are fewer.

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4. Extra Long: REVLON Extra Long Black Hair Elastics

Buy On Amazon

  • They are elastic hair ties, coming in a pack with 16 pieces
  • They are the best if you have extra full hair and, therefore, you need to wrap a hair tie multiple times
  • Creates a strong yet comfortable hold and doesn’t give you a headache
  • There are no metal pieces, and it comes in solid black and brown color

What We Don’t Like: Only two color options are available.

5. Satin Scrunchies: Chloven 20 Colors Large Satin Hair Scrunchies

Buy On Amazon

  • The set comes with 20 scrunchies in a variety of colors- from a basic milky white to a deep blue to a pretty wine red
  • Suitable for thick hair as they can hold them securely in a place
  • They are large, with a maximum diameter of 9.4 inches
  • The very stretchy elastic band covered with soft satin cloth that stays gentle on hair
  • The satin’s slippery texture is less likely to snag on your strands or damage your hair

What We Don’t Like: Not suitable for fine hair.

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6. No Crease Damage: J-MEE Hair Bands Hair ties for Thick Hair

Buy On Amazon

  • Made with non-toxic, new industrial fabric
  • Excellent texture, soft touch, and no objectionable odor
  • The material is thick and durable
  • Hold the hair firmly in place and comfortably on the head
  • Suitable for daily use due to its seamless design
  • Do not cause snagging or hair breakage
  • Do not have any metal clasp

What We Don’t Like: it starts shedding elastic shreds over time.

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7. Best for Ponytail Bun Pigtail: 72 Pcs Seamless High Elastic Cotton Hair Ties

Buy On Amazon

  • Made from premium material and soft elastic
  • Does not have any peculiar smell
  • Comfortable to use all through the day
  • A tight grip helps keep the hair in a place
  • Do not pull or cause excessive squeezing
  • It comes in an assorted color pack, so you get multiple options

What We Don’t Like: The elastic may loosen up over time.


Hair ties are one of the necessary hair accessories, especially for people with long hair. At the same time, they help style hair in different ways.

Now that you know some of the best hair ties for thick hair, go grab them before they are gone. Due to their high quality and performance, they always stay in demand. So get them and style your hair the way you want without any hassle.

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