7 Best Hair Thickening Products For Men

7 Best Hair Thickening Products For Men

Hair thinning is one of the common hair issues, and men usually suffer from it. It can happen due to many reasons- poor nutrition, stress, hormonal changes, aging, using low-quality hair products, and genetics.

Luckily, we have many hair care products that help thicken hair. While some products give a voluminous look instantly, some work right on the cause and promote healthy hair growth. Over-the-counter hair thickeners help add volume, body, and fullness to the hair.

Since many brands claim that their products fortify, lift, plump, and pump hair with volume, it becomes hard to decide on one product. You can find shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, leave-in hair treatments, lotions, powders, hair creams, pomades, and whatnot.

If all this is making you confused, check out the list below. We have hand-picked the 7 best hair thickening products for men based on their quality and performance. At the same time, we have taken users’ opinions into account too.

So, keep reading and find the most potential and effective hair-thickening product for your thin and fine hair.

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7 Best Hair Thickening Products For Men

1. Hair Spray: Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

  • Highly effective thickening spray that offers long-lasting volume
  • It helps strengthen hair and gives them bounce
  • Also, it offers UV protection to the strands, preventing them from further damage
  • Major and active ingredients are copolymers that create fullness and amino acids that strengthen each hair.
  • Lift your roots and add all-day body while protecting your hair from heat and harmful sun rays
  • Protein-rich formula works well for color-treated hair too

What We Don’t Like: It is pricey.

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2. Leave-in spray: Hair Biology Biotin Thickening Treatment

  • It is a hair-strengthening leave-in spray that supports healthy hair growth
  • Biotin, vitamin B5, caffeine, and thickening copolymers are the key ingredients
  • The powerful blend helps to make hair look and feel thicker
  • Gives root volume and makes hair look bouncy
  • Comes at an affordable price

What We Don’t Like: The overpowering smell is not liked by many users.

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3. Treatment Spray: Oribe Serene Scalp Thickening Treatment Spray

  • Gives noticeable results in a short time
  • Key ingredients are Biotin, peptides, thickening copolymers
  • It supports healthy hair growth and makes hair look fuller and thicker
  • Also, it helps in hair strengthening

What We Don’t Like: It is an expensive product.

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4. Scalp Treatment Serum: Grow Gorgeous Intense Hair Density Serum

  • The key ingredients are Pea sprout extract, Chinese skullcap, caffeine
  • It is the best for thinning hair as it minimizes shedding
  • Stimulates scalp and promotes new hair growth
  • The presence of caffeine supports healthy growth and gives a bounce to hair
  • Chinese skullcap gives instant results, making hair look denser

What We Don’t Like: It is pricey.

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5. Leave-in Treatment Serum: THE ORDINARY Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

  • The key ingredients are Redensyl and procapil
  • It is a leave-in serum that can be used overnight
  • It helps minimize hair shedding and promotes healthy hair growth
  • You get noticeable results in a short time
  • Improves hair density, stimulates the scalp, reduces shedding, and promotes healthy growth

What We Don’t Like: It is not ideal for styling

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6. Hair Spray: John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray

  • It is a budget-friendly hair spray giving instant results
  • The key ingredients are thickening copolymers and sea salt
  • Helps in texturizing hair and gives them natural-looking volume
  • Lifts flat hair from the roots to deliver a noticeably fuller and dense look

What We Don’t Like: It leaves hair slightly sticky.

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7. Aerosol Spray: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray

  • Key ingredients are Thickening copolymers, zeolite, silk powder
  • It is a versatile hair-thickening spray that gives long-lasting texture to the strands
  • It gives a good hold for hair styling too
  • Helps give beachy waves, a fuller updo, texturized curls, or just a refresher for second-day hair

What We Don’t Like: It comes with a hefty price tag.

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The problem of hair thinning is ubiquitous. However, using the right hair care product can help curb it right from the roots. All the products we have shared help promote healthy hair growth and make hair stronger. Select the best product for your hair and flaunt any hairstyle.

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