Top 16 Surprising Benefits & Uses of Sea Salt – You Must Know

Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt is getting popular as people get to know about the series of health Benefits of Sea Salt that the salt comes up with.  Sea salt possesses a lot of vital elements that could work like a magic wand on our body providing revival to various parts of the physique.

What is Sea salt?

It is the untreated salt that is obtained directly from the sea water.  The salt is formed by evaporating the salty water.The other name of Sea salt is ‘bay salt.’The normal salt that we use in the kitchen undergoes multiple processing techniques like bleaching, iodizing and diluting, whereas the sea salt is pure and natural.  Hence the color of sea salt is darker when compared to the refined salt.(1)

Common Hubs for Harvesting Sea Salt

The type of weather and topographical position of a place plays an important role in the quality and grouping of minerals of the sea salt.  The Atlantic Ocean, The Celtic Sea, The North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are the important places involved in Sea salt harvesting.

Nutritional Components in Sea Salt

Sea salt comprises of 82 natural minerals that is required for a hale and hearty body. The components available in Sea Salt are Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Bromide, Copper, Iron, Zinc and Potassium.(2)

Benefits of Sea Salt

1. Repairs the Skin

Bathing in Sea Salt solution, will keep the skin rejuvenated and energized. It will also do away with the unevenness and inflammation in the surface of the skin.  It will detoxify the skin by kicking out the toxins through the pores and aids in improving the blood circulation. The other benefits are –(3)

  • Skin will become healthy and soft.
  • The skin tone will get enhanced.
  • The element Magnesium will remove the oil from the skin and will keep your skin young.
  • Calcium will clean the closed pores and prevent skin infections.

2. Sanctifying Qualities

Science says that our body is prone to attract negative energies from the environment. These energies will influence one’s health.  A bathing process supplemented with Sea Salt is said to purify the body and relive the body from the negative vibes.

3. Eye Care

If you are suffering from puffiness around your eyes or if your eyes are tired, a sea salt solution will help you get relieved from this problem. Also, if you have dark circles under your eyes, you could apply this salt solution and rinse it off after sometime.  This process will rescue the beauty of your eyes in no time.(4)

4. Relieves from Muscle Cramps

Sea salt has an element called Magnesium and Potassium, which is vital for rejuvenation and therapeutic use. Therefore, sea salt acts as a natural solution to treat pains.  The salt has an osmosis effect, which could ease any discomfort that is caused by the muscles.(5)

5. Osteoarthritis

Anyone suffering from Osteoarthritis can hold out their health for few weeks,if they take a bath treatment with the sea salt.(6)

6. Dental Wellbeing

Sea salt is rich in fluoride, which is vital for fostering the dental health. The tooth also gets a protection from acid attacks.  Gargling,the mouth regularly with sea salt water will help the mouth to get rid of bleeding gums, pains, sore throats and mouth ulcers.(7)

7. Electrolytic Equilibrium

When electrolytes are stable, the circulation of the blood and the overall body function remains steady. Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium combine to form electrolytes, and sea salt is rich in these elements.

8. Relief from Rhino Sinusitis

If you have a nasal irritation, spray a little sea salt water in your nose, and you will get relief in no time.A running nose could possibly inflate the respiratory track. Since the sea salts are healthy and possess natural elements, they prove to be a healthy remedy to treat nasal reactions.(8)

9. Psoriasis Treatment

When a patient with psoriasis is treated with Sea Salt, their skin will begin to show remarkable results. The sensation of itching and scaling will also get reduced.(9)

10. To Balance the Blood Sugar

Sea salts can maintain stable level of blood sugar. It will minimize the dependency of a person over insulin doses.(10)

11. Tired Feet

If you feel that your foot is tired, soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with Sea salt added to it. Your feet will feel fresh and revitalized.

12. Removes Acne

Sea salt is rich in Sulphur which will exfoliate the skin and treat dermatitis and scars created by acne.

13. The Soporific Effect

Bathe in warm water with sea salt added to it and you will have a calm sleep. If you drool too much during your sleep, this bath will control your salivation and make you stay hydrated.

14. For Healthy Hair

Improve the blood circulation in your head by rubbing the scalp with sea salt. This will also support the hair follicles and reduce the dandruff.

15. Moderates the Acidity Level

The cells in the body are rejuvenated by removing the excess acids through urine and sweat. If the ideal acid-alkali ratio is not maintained, it will result in long-lasting medical condition called Alzheimer’s disease.  Sea salts help maintain the right balance.

16. Healthy Heart

When you take salt with water, it will reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. It will also regulate the heartbeat.  Hence, Sea salt can block heart attacks and strokes.(11)

The Best Sea Salts

1. Celtic Sea Salt

  • The salt bears a grey shade. It is collected in Brittany nearby the Celtic Sea using the 2,000 year old traditional method.  The salt contains many therapeutic qualities that are vital to benefit a person’s health.

2. Himalayan Crystal Salt

  • This is the natural salt in the whole planet. This is also called as pink gold.  It has all the 84 components that the body requires.

These natural anti-allergens could provide relief from various breathing problems.  Sea salt bath will lessen the risk of infections and improve the immunity of the body. Sea salt is rich in sodium. It should be taken only in suitable amounts. If you take in excess of salt, it will lead to high blood pressure and edema, which will lead to other medical conditions.  So consume only limited amounts and stay healthy!

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