8 Homemade Face Masks of Acne for Clear Skin

Today most of the teenagers are facing acne problem and there are lots of reasons why only young people are suffering from acne problem? The acne comes by the change of hormonal conditions, involving increased sebaceous glands and engorged pores.
Even, most of the persons have been facing cane since longer time and they try many times to get rid of acne but still the acne is adhered to their skin. Lots of money they spend to remove acne problem but they cannot get rid of them properly.
If you think that cosmetic products will help you to remove acne so, forget about this because cosmetic only supports your problem just for short span of time. But there are some of everlasting products that help you forever to eliminate your acne exactly.

Terms of Use of Domestic Masks for Acne:

The best is to use all domestic masks on your face that completely helps you to get rid of acne perfectly. First of all when you apply masks on your face then you must check on your wrist or elbow to check its reaction. If there is any inflammation so, you should take recommendation by any beauty expert.
At second point the masks what you prepare at your home for treatment of acne drugs are mostly used. Remember it is necessary to observe the exact dose even, don’t exceed more dosage also. Excess dosage can lead to the allergic reactions and side effects.
Thirdly, while preparation of the mask use only fresh products on dry and clean container.
Fourth, to enhance the effective of the mask you should apply to the face steamed.
In fifth point you are recommended don’t excess the exposure time mask particular in the recipe.
Ultimately you should take a gap of using the mask and take break of 3 days not more than it.

1. Aspirin Face Mask against Acne:

  • Aspirin is a superb element that helps to fight against acne. You can prepare a mask using aspirin exactly.
  • If you don’t have any problem with dry or fat skin, then you can use aspirin like this


  • 2 Uncoated Aspirin Pills,

How to Make:

  • Grind them into a powder form
  • Mix with a small amount of boiled and cooled to room temperature water so as to get slurry (required literally ½ teaspoon of water).
  • After that, take a cotton wash and with the help of her dot apply a paste of aspirin acne.
  • Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes,
  • Remove any excess with a cotton swab soaked in chamomile broth.

If there is enough dryness, the mask can be prepared as follows:

  • Take 2 – 3 tablets crushed to a powder;
  • Mix with a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of olive oil;
  • The mixture should be applied on your face
  • Leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off your face

Benefits: This mask contains medicinal properties, that lightening acne marks.

Note: For oily skin olive oil you should use squeezed lemon juice.

2. Egg Mask Against Acne:

One of the simplest way to get rid of the black spots and acne at home, you have to use egg albumen as that is provided as an acne treatment mask. The mask of egg protein is made like this

  • Beat the protein of raw egg to form stiff foam.
  • It is necessary to put clean hands to your face
  • Wash your face with warm water after 30 minutes

Note: It is recommended to use this mask scattered For dry skin, causing the protein foam only on affected areas.

3. Oatmeal Facial Mask:

Rolled oats are an exceptional product; It is used for cosmetic function since olden times. To make the masks against acne are suggested to prepare oatmeal, Chop them in a coffee grinder.

Ingredient you Need:

  • Take a tablespoon of minced oat flakes
  • Filled with a small amount of boiling water (water should barely cover the flakes).
  • Let it swelling (this will take about 10 – 15 minutes),
  • Apply the mixture on the skin with a thick layer,
  • Rinse your face with plain water after half an hour.
  • Also, cook oatmeal mask for acne can be on this recipe:

How to Prepare:

  • Take one egg white
  • Beat to a foam rack;
  • Mix the beaten egg white with one tablespoon of chopped oat flakes;
  • Apply all over the entire face
  • Leave for 20 minutes exposure;
  • Wash off the mask with warm water without need to use soap or other detergents.

4. Honey Mask Against Acne:

This mask can be used on daily basis. It helps to obtain the desired results.

  • Take the onions, Chop it
  • Squeeze the juice out of it.
  • In 1 tablespoon of onion juice, dilute a teaspoon of natural honey.
  • Apply the mask over the face with a cotton swab.
  • Apply it to the entire facial skin is not necessary.
  • It is necessary to apply those areas of the skin where the most pimples are located
  • Leave it for 20 minutes
  • Rinse your face.
  • Then need to apply a moisturizer cream on the face, so, that your face will soft and smooth

Also, honey can be used for the preparation of the following medical mask. You require:

  • Honey – 50 grams;
  • Egg white (raw) – 1 pc ;
  • Olive or vegetable oil – 2 tbsp

Note: Apply this mask with no dot, and for the rest of the skin, leaving it for 30 minutes.

5. Aloe Face Mask Against Acne:

  • Aloe is a quite exceptional product that removes many cosmetic problems, such as acne. But before you use it for cosmetic purposes, aloe leaves is essential to prepare in special process.
  • It is indispensable to drape the leaf with a thick cloth and keep them at cool dark place; you can put in a refrigerator. They will be fresh there for 2 weeks, after which they can get, remove the darkened parts and used for its anticipated purpose.
  • To cure acne at home, aloe vera can is used as a separate product; it helps to treat them the problem areas. An aloe juice may be merged with natural liquid honey in a ratio of 1: 2, merging thereto a few drops of iodine solution and 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • This mask has a potent effect. It really acts fast to your skin and gives nourishment to your skin, but also piercing deep into the epidermis, stops development of new acne.
  • Mix aloe juice with pharmacy blue clay until it gets thick consistency. Before using it lightly dampen the skin. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash the face.

6. Homemade Clay Facial Mask for Acne:

The face masks well help to get rid of deep acne. So, you can use as blue and pink, and white clay.

Effective home mask against acne is prepared from white clay:

  • Add a tablespoon of white clay with warm milk so as to obtain a mixture, like their appearance on the sour cream;
  • Add a teaspoon of talcum powder and mix well;
  • Apply as a makeup on the face
  • Leave to act for 25 minutes.

Blue clay you can apply also as a sovereign cosmetic product, it contains antibacterial effect and great to combat with acne. To make this you need clay thinned in water until a uniform creamy and apply it on the face, leave it for 20 – 30 minutes.

You can also prepare a more effective mask for the face of acne, using the following recipe:

  • Take a tablespoon blue clay
  • Mix with one tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • Dilute the stability needed to mine from marigold flowers;
  • Apply the mixture on your face
  • Leave for 20 minutes.

This mask also has a great bleaching effect, so using it can also eliminate traces of acne after.

7. Pink Clay Mask:

  • Take three tablespoons pink clay,
  • Mix with one tablespoon of calendula flowers tincture;
  • Dilute the consistency you can use tea tree oil;
  • Apply the mixture on your face,
  • Leave it for 20 minutes
  • Rinse your face with herbal decoction.

8. Cucumber Face Mask for Acne:

Cucumbers are also considered to be the best and perfect cosmetic. They are exactly available for composition of almost all creams for hands and face. This great vegetable has amazing therapeutic properties that help to get rid of acne.

What you Need:

  • Take a medium-sized cucumber,
  • Grind it with peel• Apply it on the face.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes,
  • Then remove the mask

You now the cucumbers can be also cooked that you can cook cucumber alcohol tincture, that can be applied daily wipe your face. To make this

  • Take a cucumber,
  • Chop it
  • Add it with a glass of rubbing alcohol.

How to Make:

  • Take it on separate container, cover it in a thick cloth and then store in a dark place just for two weeks. After damage the mixture and use it for daily use.
  • Alcohol-based tincture cucumber is too much powerful and effective that easily dries the skin, so you should occasionally make nourish and moisturizing mask for the face.
  • These are quite easy process mask that works speedily to fight against acne, you can use at home. You can use on daily basis. Only this way you can obtain the desired results, and to eliminate of acne forever.

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