How to Make Your Own Korean Skin Care Routine: 10 Easy Steps

korean skincare routine

Korean skincare routine is each day getting popular as it comes by amazing skin care benefits at large. This routine can be carried out either during the night or very early in the morning. Once you get used to it, you can manage to do it even within 20 minutes applying sheet mask included. Below are the 10 steps;

Make Your Own Korean Skin Care Routine: 10 Easy Steps

Oil Cleanser

For this, start by taking in a bowl a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil. To your ingredient, add two tea tree oil drops. Thoroughly mix it and all shall have been ready for use. Those who will use it for oily skins should consider jojoba oil instead of this olive oil.

Double Cleansing Using a Water Based Cleanser

For this, boil soap nuts along with a handful of neem leaves and strain out some liquid. Consider adding a teaspoon of aloe vera gel free from perfume or color and this is ready for use. This kind is best for all types of skins.


Here you will need to use an exfoliating scrub. In a clean bowl, take a tablespoon of fine castor sugar. Form a paste by adding enough orange juice. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and use as a face scrub. This can’t be good to sensitive skins, so, you should consider rice flour well mixed with rose water.

Applying a Toner

For this, hydrating toners are preferred much, so you should consider rose water here as a toner. The choice between a store-bought or homemade rose water is yours. Rose water toner acts well on all skin types.

Applying an Essence

This is an important part of this routine. For this, you can consider any kind of flower essence. Make this by steeping a chamomile tea bag in hot water. An essence helps in hydrating the skin and brings about brightening the skin simply by increasing cell turnover.

Applying Serum

There are many different serums in the market but still, you can consider making your own. To make it simple, you can consider using a homemade beetroot anti-aging serum. They ensure they fade off sunspots, improve the elasticity of the skin and also smoothens fine lines.

Applying a Sheet Mask

You can for this consider using a honey and lemon sheet mask Aloe Vera juice well mixed with few essential oil drops can work best for the sensitive skins. This is a step that should never be avoided as the masks are helpful for both hydrating and nourishing.

Apply an Eye Cream

You can consider making your own simple eye cream by simply mixing a tablespoon of cucumber juice, a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and green tea tablespoon infused into coconut oil.

Applying a Moisturizer

You can consider using a homemade night cream for this by using almond oil. It is recommended you use a nourishing and thick cream as it is helpful to treat and repair the skin.

Apply a Suntan Cream

Considering a suntan cream for those carrying out this routine in the morning is best. Also, you are advised to only use fresh aloe vera if you do this in the morning instead of honey and lemon. These are the ten Korean skin care routine you should know and try out. It comes along with numerous benefits at large.

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