The Health Benefits of Distilled Water

Benefits of Distilled Water

The earth comprises of 75% of water, yet we face water problems. The industrialization, factory discharge and smoke leave the air and water polluted. Unfortunately, we breathe the polluted air and drink the contaminated water. Due to the rising temperature, the water in the sea and ocean also turns to steam to form clouds, leaving the impurities and salt inside these water bodies. When more and more cloud forms, it leads to rainfall. This rainwater is the distilled water. But, every time we cannot be dependent on the rain water, hence artificial machines are built to fetch the distilled water.(1)

Distillation is different from filtering water. In distillation, the water is set to boil and the steam that generates is stored in the condensed tube which later gets converted into pure water. It is free of impurities and germs. The distilled water has ample benefits to health. The distilled water is said to remove the water contaminants that would cause lots of diseases in the body. The distillation process helps in removing these contaminants from the water, thereby safeguarding the body. The water can be soft and hard. Drinking hard water is never recommended as it has chlorine and fluoride in it. This affects the tooth enamel and other organs of the body. Thus, municipal water is used only to carry out chores and not for drinking purpose. The distilled water is free from these harmful chemicals. The flip side of drinking distilled water is that it will rip you away form the essential minerals that the natural water contains.(2)

The following are some of the health benefits of distilled water

1. It boosts your energy level, thereby increases your stamina.(3)
2. It reduces anxiety and stress in the body which is a major reason for depression these days.
3. It helps in weight loss.
4. It helps in smoothening the digestion process as it eliminates the toxins form the body.
5. It improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood cells.
6. It can cure headaches and dizziness.
7. It strengthens the immune system, preventing the body from contacting the disease.
8. It eliminates toxins from the body.
9. It deals with asthma and other respiratory diseases.
10. It saves the body from infections.
11. It stabilizes body temperature.
12. It brightens the skin complexion, improving your skin texture and adds glow to it.
13. It strengthens the hair roots and improves the hair texture as well.
14. It increases nutrient absorption in the body.
15. It reduces the risk of kidney stone in the body.

Hope this article has been useful to you. It is always a wise decision to choose pure water. There are many diseases that are borne due to impure water. Drinking boiled water is the best way to build a good health. However, we many not like the taste of it. Thus, the next option is to go with distilled water. There are many water purifiers in the market that carries out water distillation process. Do go for a branded machine that will serve your purpose. Let us know your opinion on distilled water.

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