9 Benefits of Strawberries For Health

Benefits of Strawberries For Health

If Mango is the king of fruits, then strawberries are the queen of fruits. They are the powerhouse of nutrients. The red pulpy strawberry are nutritious and supplies sufficient dose of vitamin c to the body. They are great mood uplifters and are considered as a symbol of love. The aroma just excites the nostrils and the entire body. There are many food products where strawberry is used as a flavour. You can consume it as a fruit or in the form of strawberry shake. It is little sour in taste. Thus, one add little sweetener to the strawberry juice. If you are super-duper hungry and do not have much options. Munch a bowl of strawberries. They work as fillers and are less caloric in nature. If you want a healthy and glowing skin, this fruit can be your magic wand. they fight with age bothered wrinkles and makes you look younger. The following are some of the benefits of strawberries:

9 Benefits of Strawberries For Health

1.Boosts Immunity

A strong immune system will ensure that you do not fall sick often. It has the power to fight with the germs and bacteria. Thus, having a strong immunity is a must to live healthy. The white blood cells are responsible to assure a good immune system. If you are looking for a healthy source of Vitamin C, strawberries must be at your dining table. It contains 51.5 grams of vitamin c per serving. This will suffice your daily requirement of vitamin C. Don’t be surprised to know the fact that mammals have the ability to produce vitamin C naturally. The human beings are an exception to it. Thus, they need an external source to fulfill the vitamin c need in the body. This Vitamin strengthens the immune system. giving you a healthy life.

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2. Promotes Vision

A string and clear vision is the need of life. The beautiful things must be seen and felt. Eyes are the sensitive organs and it must be taken care of. Cataract is a most common eye problem these days. It could be due to old age or other reasons. This can be a reason for your vision loss as well. It has to be treated well in the initial stage. Strawberries contains antioxidants which helps in cataract prevention. Our eyes needs vitamin C to prevent the damage of UV rays.The protein in the lens is very delicate and can be easily damaged by these harmful sun rays. Vitamin C is an absolute solution to this problem. It also strengthens the cornea and retina of the eyes. A daily intake of strawberries is the best way to add vitamin c to the body.

3. It Fights with Cancer Cells

The most dreadful disease of today’s era is cancer. People fear of cancer and most of them give up while fighting the battle. There are natural fruits that can help you to fight with this dreadful disease. Yes, Strawberries are one among them. Strawberries contains ellagic acid which fights with cancer cells. The ellagic acid generates anti-cancer properties which discourages the cancer cells to grow. The antioxidants such as lutein and zeathancins are present in strawberries.These antioxidants prevents the cancer cells to damage the body.

4. Fights with Wrinkles

Who loves the sagging skin? Of Course, none of us! A healthy and beautiful skin is the desire of all human beings. We try all cosmetic products to add that glow and shine to the skin. But, all goes for a toss. A healthy skin is a sign of healthy body. The complications begins as and when we start ageing. Prevention is always better than cure. The skin must be flexible irrespective of the age. The collagen present in the strawberries rejuvenates the skin cells and prevents them from sagging. Vitamin c is the ultimate gift to the skin and strawberries has tons of vitamin c in it.

5. Fights with Bad Cholesterol

Heart diseases are a common reason for major deaths in the world. The bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and increased sugar levels are all a sign of heart disease. The bad cholesterol must be controlled from the initial stages. Strawberries contains ellagic acid and flavonoids that keeps the heart healthy. The low-density protein is the bad cholesterol in the body. It builds plaque in the arteries which leads to choking of the arteries.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation and arthritis are painful to deal with. They are also a reason for heart diseases. The sooner you deal with it, the better it is for you. Strawberries has antioxidants and phytochemicals that fights with inflammation. Take a bowl of strawberries on daily basis to benefit your joints.

7. Boost Fibre

Fibres are the necessity of body. The food that we consume on regular basis must be digested. The undigested food will be stored in the form of fats leading to obesity and other diseases. The fibre in the body helps in digestion. Strawberries contains fibres that deals with digestion and inflammation of the intestines. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, fibres are a solution to it. They are said to absorb the excess glucose from the blood, thereby maintaining your insulin levels.

8. Helps in Weight Management

Obesity is a growing disease these days. Everyone has been trying hard to lose weight. Strawberries possess less calories and are fat free. The sodium and sugar content in strawberry is very minimal. The carbohydrate content in strawberries doesn’t harm the body at all. Nitrate is present in this fruit which increases the blood flow and oxygen to the body. This leads to weight loss. Anthocyanins are responsible for the red color of strawberries. It burns the stored fats from the body.

9. Strengthens Bones

Strawberries contains potassium, magnesium and Vitamin K that strengthens the bones. Bones are a crucial part of body that supports our movements. A small problem with the bones can make us suffer the most.

Thus, strawberries are a perfect blessings to Mankind. Add this delicious fruit to your daily diet and live a healthy life.

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