How to Get Healthy Skin Naturally at Home

how to get healthy skin

Among the five sensory organs of the human body, the skin is one of the most important ones. When you take care of your skin externally and internally, it gives you confidence and improves your looks. Here are Some of the Skincare Rules Which You Will Swear By

1. Hydration

hydration for healthy skin

This is the first one among the golden rules in keeping the skin moist. Hydrated makes you appear more plump, youthful, and healthy. It helps with skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. As a matter of fact, the hydrated face can also help in fighting oiliness of the skin.

Dehydrates skin tends to produce more oil as it compensates for the lack of moisture. To be hydrated, you need to drink plenty of water. This will increase blood flow to the skin.

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2. Oily Fish Like Tuna or Salmon

is salmon healthy for your skin

Fishes such as tuna or salmon are great for maintaining healthy skin. These are rich in omega 3 fatty acid which is important for the skin. It is the skin supple, thick, and moisturized. The omega-3 fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties which can work in reducing acne and redness.

Oily fishes like these are also known to be rich sources of Vitamin E which is a potent source of anti-oxidants for the skin. Enough of this will protect your skin against damage caused by inflammation and free radicals.

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3. Green Tea

green tea for healthy skin

Pollution, smoke, and stress can cause much harm to the skin. Thus, it becomes necessary to cleanse the skin before sleeping. This is possible by consuming enough anti-oxidants which keeps the skin healthy and fresh.

Consume green tea can give you that glowing skin that you desire. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and swelling. Being rich in Vitamin E and B12, it helps to maintain your skin.

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4. Chia Seeds

chia seeds for healthy skin

With chia seeds, it is possible to have awesome skin. The protein content in chia seeds gives you rejuvenated skin. If you are suffering from dry skin, applying a few drops of chia serum can work wonders. It can also treat sun-damaged skin and provides a luminous glow to the skin.

5. Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes for healthy skin

Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene. This is transformed into a vitamin A when consumed. Increased consumption of this can augment the production of skin cells. It is also an anti-oxidant which has anti-aging properties. Sweet potato has Vitamin C which is important for the production of collagen. Also, it has elements which serve as natural moisturizers for your skin. Sweet potato can offer you with the best of skin.

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6. Yogurt

yogurt for healthy skin

Yogurt is full of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. hence; there is no doubt in the fact that it provides the skin with significant benefits. The probiotic present in yogurt can help your gut to function better. This, in turn, will keep your skin clean and shiny. Applying yogurt to your skin will keep it moisturized and hydrated. The lactic acid gets rid of the tired look on your face.

It also serves as exfoliate. The lactic acid helps to eliminate the dead skin cells. This triggers faster cell renewal. The potent antioxidants present in it can give you younger looking skin. Moreover, the anti-fungal properties will keep your skin infection free.

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7. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate for healthy skin

Chocolate in moderate amount, particularly dark chocolate is good for your skin. The high level of anti-oxidants in chocolate helps in protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Thus, it prevents aging and skin cancer. The flavanols make your skin appear the best. Dark chocolate can also improve thickness and hydration of your skin to make you look younger.

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