16 Amazing Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin, Hair and Health

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Talk about chocolates and my mouth is already watering. Chocolates are just delicious and nutritious. Yes, I meant nutritious. Dark chocolates have proven facts about the benefits that they provide to health and skin. They are super rich in antioxidants and also has ample nutrients to support the body. It is extracted from the cocoa beans. You might find it slightly it bitter when compared to white and light chocolates. However, they are best forms of chocolates to be consumed to reap all the benefits.

Tips to Purchase Dark Chocolate

  • Look for the expiry date before you make a purchase.
  • Look for a velvety textured chocolate slab rather than greasy ones.
  • Try to break the chocolate before making a purchase. If you can break it smoothly, it is perfect to go with.
  • Store it in cool and dry place without getting affected by the sunlight.

Tips While Brewing Chocolate

  • Do not add water while brewing the chocolates as it will harden the consistency of the chocolate.
  • Dry all the vessels before adding chocolates to it. A slight moisture will also spoil your chocolate making process.
  • Always go for double container boiler for chocolate brewing process.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Health

1. Controls Blood Pressure

Dark chocolates has flavonoids which is said to produce Nitric acid. This gas signals the arteries to relax and calm down. This process in turn reduces the blood flow, thereby lowering the blood pressure. It also has elements like magnesium and copper to normalize the blood pressure.

2. Improves Memory

Dark chocolates is extracted from cacao beans which is said to work wonders on the functioning of the brain. the flavonoids helps to increase the blood flow towards the brain. Cocoa contains theobromine and caffeine which is said to be the key element in the functioning of the brain. People with mental disorders can also try out dark chocolates and see the results.

3. Deals with Cardiovascular Diseases

The cardiovascular diseases are on rise due to increase in stress and work level. People lack Time Management skills and are always in hurry. The work pressure takes a toll on their health. Dark chocolates are meant to lower the heart risk. They keep a check on the cholesterol and prevents it from getting piled up in the arteries. It also lowers the blood pressure and prevents it from getting oxidized.

4. Boosts the Mood

There are times when we are low and depressed. The serotonin is the hormone that controls our moods. The Dark chocolate produces endorphins in the brain cells. This in turn leads to the birth of serotonin, the happiness hormones. You will immediately see the change in your mood.

5. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Though chocolates are sweet, yet they do not add to your sugar levels. Dark Chocolate is low in glycemic index. The flavonoids present in the chocolates helps to control the insulin levels as well.

6. Increases Body Metabolism

If you are looking for something that can instantly boost your energy levels, dark chocolates is your answer. It increases the metabolic rate of the body, thereby leaving you with more energy. It is always better to eat a piece of dark chocolate in the early morning.

7. Cures Anemia

People with less haemoglobin count can benefit from dark chocolates. The flavonoids present in dark chocolates cures anemia.

8. Improves Eyesight

Dark chocolate is said to increase the blood flow to the brain which in turn increases the eyesight.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin

Dark chocolate is a powerhouse of antioxidants which makes it a great skin product. It has been used in many cosmetic products. Here goes the list of benefits:

9. Protects from UV rays

The sunrays can directly hamper your skin and the loss is permanent. It is advisable to wear a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. One can also rely on dark chocolates to prevent sunburns and skin cancer. A piece of dark chocolate can be consumed on daily basis.

10. Improves Skin Complexion

The antioxidants present in the dark chocolates are said to increase the skin complexion making it more smooth and supple.

11. Fights with Wrinkles

The antioxidants present in the dark chocolates attacks the free radicals and keeps wrinkles away. These free radicals are said to create wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. As we age, the texture of the skin also changes. Hence, one must take extra care to keep those creases away.

12. Removes Dead Cells

The skin tends to pile up a lot of dead cells due to various reasons. These dead cells becomes a barrier for the skin to breathe fresh air. Dark chocolates acts as a detoxifier and sheds off the piled up dead cells form the skin naturally. Thus, the skin looks more fresh and glowing.

13. Gifts you with Glowing Skin

A healthy and glowing skin is the desire of every soul on this planet. Have you ever wondered that stress can affect your skin? Dark chocolates are meant to control your stress and boost your mood levels. This in turn will definitely fetch you a glowing skin. Try out for a month and see the results.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Hair

This miracle product works wonders on your hair as well. Here are the benefits:

14. Controls Hair Loss

It increases the blood flow to the scalp and hair roots. This leads to a control in the hair fall and it ignites hair growth.

15. Prevents Scalp Infections

Dark chocolates are said to possess anti-inflammatory properties. This Prevents scalp infections.

16. Adds Volume to the Tresses

Is hair thinning your problem? Unable to go with any hair styling looks? Dark chocolate adds volume to the hair, giving it a thicker and shinier look.

Hope this article has been useful to you. The dark chocolates, if consumed in proper quantity can be a boon to your health. Over consumption of chocolates will

add to weight as they are caloric in nature. Thus, count your chocolates before you pop it into the mouth. Do share your feedback with us.

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