Vitamin C Vs Niacinamide – What’s The Difference?

Vitamin C Vs Niacinamide What's The Difference,

Skincare is a way of self-care and self-love that refreshes us and makes us feel good. If you are obsessed with skincare products, Vitamin c and niacinamide would not be new terms for you. But do both the products have the same impact on the skin? No, they differ in their composition and outcome on the skin type they are used. Read on to know more.

Vitamin C Vs Niacinamide

The differences between nicotinamide and vitamin C on the skin are differentiated under the following subheadings:

i.Impact on skin:
Vitamin C promotes collagen production and reduces ageing signs. This results in a soft and supple skin which has a healthy radiance

Nicotinamide is vitamin B3 which is responsible for healthy and radiant skin. It helps in addressing specific skin concerns

ii. Type of skin for which the products are suitable:
Vitamin C is beneficial for all types of skin except the ones which are hyper sensitive but nicotinamide can be used on sensitive skin.

iii. Reaction on the sensitive skin:
Vitamin C sometimes causes allergies and irritation on sensitive skin but there is no such impact of nicotinamide on hypersensitive or sensitive skin.

iv. Advantages:
The main benefit of vitamin C on the skin is reducing the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and imparting a radiant glow. On the other hand, nicotinamide helps in keeping the skin firm by imparting strength and reducing the size of pores.

v. Anti-inflammatory characteristics:
Vitamin C is not useful in reducing inflammation but nicotinamide is highly anti-inflammatory.

More About Vitamin C Serum:

Vitamin C serums contain retinol, SPF and other components which help in achieving healthy and glowing skin. The hydrating, and nourishing properties fight moisture loss from the skin. It also deals with the pigmentation issue and enhances the skin tone. Issues like dark spots, sunburns and acne scars can be prevented by vitamin C serum

More About Nicotimanide

Nicotinamide helps in keratin build-up on the skin, makes it firm and imparts a healthy glow. The skin stays hydrated and nourished through the growth of lipid barriers. In case you have issues like eczema, this would be a great product. Other issues that can be resolved include treatment of acne and redness of the skin. In case your skin has a larger pore size, it can be naturally reduced by using nicotinamide which regulates the oil flow, and stimulates natural oils on the skin to make the skin appear nourished.

Using the serum protects you from the sunlight. Spots, scars and severe pigmentation can be reduced by it. Overall, it has a healing effect on the skin.


The skin care products like vitamin C and nicotinamide are efficient on the skin but along with this, engaging in working out, having healthy food habits, a peaceful sleep, and keeping the body sufficiently hydrated are natural ways of getting a glowing skin. All of these help in amazing outcomes in a short duration when you use skin care products.

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