Which Comes Face Serum or Face Oil

Face Serum or Face Oil

Everyone wishes for clear and healthy skin. While having a well-balanced and nutritionally fulfilling diet can contribute to healthy and supple skin, many skincare products are also needed to maintain it.

In the realm of skincare products, there is a debate over what should be used first: face oil or face serum.
In this article, let’s end this confusion about whether face oil or face serum should be used first.

While some people advocate for face serum, others say it is about face oil. Although face oil and serum both offer effective results, understanding the optimal order of application is crucial for maximizing their efficacy.

Let’s learn about face oil and face serum before learning which should be applied first.

What Is Face Oil?

Face Oil

Face oils (1) are lipid-based preparations containing various natural oils extracted from plants, seeds, or nuts. Their primary role is to nourish the skin and give it moisture. They strengthen skin’s natural lipid barrier.

Face oils contain fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins that protect the skin from environmental issues and promote general health. They are suitable for dry, dehydrated, or older skin because they provide significant hydration and maintain a healthy complexion.

What Is a Face Serum?

Face Serum

Serums are lightweight, fast-absorbing compositions with high levels of active substances.
Their primary function is to deliver enough active chemicals deep into the skin to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

Serums (2) frequently include water-soluble substances like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and peptides, which seep the skin’s surface and provide noticeable differences and benefits. Usually, they are suitable for all skin types. They can also be tailored to meet specific skincare requirements, making them an adaptable complement to any skincare program.

Face Oil or Serum First?

First, face serum and then face oil should be used for achieving maximum benefits. Both give significant results after use, but it is recommended that face serum should be used before face oil to make the most out of it.

Serum First

Serum is often advised as the first application due to its lightweight consistency and high concentration of active substances. They contain tiny chemicals that penetrate the skin more deeply, providing advantages and addressing specific issues.

Applying serum first ensures that the active components sleep deeply into the skin before being absorbed with face oil.

Face Oil Second

Face oils should be applied after serum to help store moisture, feed the skin, and form a protective barrier. They can penetrate the skin to some extent, but their primary role is preventing moisture loss and increasing hydration on the skin’s surface.

Applying face oil after serum seals in the active components and increases their activity, resulting in moisturized, glowing skin.

Factors That Can Reduce the Effectiveness of Face Oil and Serum

Although most people agree that serum should be applied before face oil, there is no one-size-fits-all skincare regimen. The ideal order of application can be affected by several variables, such as skin type, climate, and product composition.

Here are some professional suggestions to think about:

1. Type of Skin

Applying face oil before serum can help people with dry or older skin by adding another layer of hydration and nourishment.

Those with oily or combination skin types may apply serum first to treat specific issues, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, or excessive sebum production.

2. Weather

Applying face oil before serum can help keep skin hydrated and stop moisture loss in arid regions.
Applying serum first may be more suitable in humid or tropical regions to manage specific skincare concerns without feeling oily or heavy.

3. Formulations of products

Think about the particular combinations of the serum and face oil you use. Certain chemicals are more versatile in their application, while others function best when used in a specific order.
So, check your ingredients and the way they work to know the right order of their application.


The debate over whether to apply face oil or serum first depends on personal preference, skin type, and the specific composition of the products used. No universal skincare method works for everyone, although applying serum before face oil is generally recommended for better absorption and effectiveness.

Achieving the perfect skincare routine that caters to your skin’s needs can be challenging and require trial, error, and adaptability. However, by understanding the benefits of using face oils and serums and seeking professional advice, you can attain a radiant and healthy complexion and elevate your skincare routine to new levels of effectiveness and satisfaction.

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