How Do You Make A Face Serum With Coconut Oil? – DIY

Coconut oil Face Serum

Making DIY face serum at home saves you from purchasing expensive products available at shops as well as prevents using chemical-based products. Everyone loves rejuvenated, skin that doesn’t look dull and boring and the best way to do this is to use natural products. Let’s see how.

There are plenty of benefits of coconut oil that you can obtain with its serum. It is proved that coconut oil is rich in luaric acid that absorbs into the skin with no hassle. Moreover, it has hypocholesterolemic, anticancer, antihepatosteatotic, antidiabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and skin moisturizing properties (1).

How To Prepare Face Serum with Coconut oil

You need some essential oils and fractionated coconut oil for creating this face serum. Aragon and Jojoba oil are great options as well. Fractioned coconut oil can get absorbed by the skin quickly and doesn’t cause a greasy appearance.

The essential oils which need to be blended include Myrrh essential oil, lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil, and Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense and Myrrh ensure a youthful appearance by reducing fine lines. They can even reduce puffiness. Lavender oil softens acne scars.

Essential oils come with many hidden benefits, especially for skin. For instance, a study suggests that lavender possesses antimicrobial activity, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and antioxidant properties (2).

It is crucial for people with sensitive skin, to use essential oils cautiously to prevent skin irritation. They should better use half the quantity and proceed only after making a patch test.

If there is no reaction, apply 5-10 drops of oil on the clean face.

It is good to lead a chemical-free life by using products made at home. This will need some effort to get good-quality ingredients but the effort will be worth it.

Application of Face Serum

How to apply face serum is another important aspect that you should be aware of. Too much application of coconut oil could cause clogged pores leading to acne and pimples. Therefore, you should apply this serum in the following ways:

1. Take a few drops of your concoction and apply them on the cheeks, forehead and chin.
2. Massage in circular motion for a few minutes so that entire serum gets absorbed into the skin.
3. Let the serum stay on the face for a few hours. you can also use this serum overnight to get a glowing skin early morning.

Words of Caution

People with sensitive skin could be allergic to certain essential oils. Therefore, make sure that you-

  • Perform a patch test before applying serum to ensure there is no allergic reaction.
  • Keep an eye if you get itching, hives, redness, rashes or any other discomfort on the skin after serum application.
  • If the skin seems fine for a hour, go ahead and apply the serum to get glowing skin within 7 days.

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