Can You Use Coconut oil After Lash Lift?

can you use coconut oil after lash lift

The lash lift process is just like obtaining a gentle perm on the hair. Using chemicals on eyes and eyelashes is quite dangerous as you know it already. On the other hand, it weakens the lashes if you use on regular basis. You may think of, can I get any perfect natural solution for it? Don’t be sad, you have lots of ingredients which suit you best, here we are providing an article about coconut oil after the lash lift. Coconut oil naturally relaxes the lash lift without the additional chemical such as a flash developer. Significantly, it is very affordable as well as easy to come by.

How to Use Coconut oil to Relax The Lash Lift?

Coconut oil to Relax The Lash Lift

Using coconut oil to free your lash lift is a very straightforward process. The chemicals employed for lashes can break the core as well as the strongest bonds in the eyelashes. But ensure you have the high-quality coconut oil in hand. Few routines to follow are given below

1. Before going to bed use a clean q-tip in order to gently apply coconut oil to the lashes. Begin at the base of lashes and pull oil up as well as away from the eye. You may use castor oil instead of coconut oil and also it is very safe even it may entered into the eyes accidentally.

2. Next, make use of a clean spoolie to take the oil gently via the lashes in a downward motion from the roots to assist straighten the lashes.

3. Ensure that you are using an old pillow, because oil stains may damage the new pillow which you are using.

4. When you wake up you should rinse the eyes with cool water and need to remove any excess oil with the help of a cotton pad or else make-up remover.

5. This process has to be done for 3 to 5 days until you get enough relaxation in the perm.

General Tips for a Lash Lift to Safeguard Eyelashes

Lash Lift to Safeguard Eyelashes

Chemicals usage on eyes lashes can weaken along with dry the eyelashes. It might take away the natural shine of the eyelashes and in some instances, eyelashes become more frizzy and curly. The important way to bring permed lashes back to a wonderful look again will get after applying the coconut oil.

1. Render Some Time for The Lash Lift to Settle Completely

It is highly recommended that coconut oil is not applied on the permed lashes for the first week. You can proceed with coconut or castor oil, once the lash lift is completely settled in shape. If you avail lash lifts regularly, then using coconut oil to the permed eyelashes is quite useful. This oil will nourish along with moisture your lashes as well as make them very strong enough to overcome the iterative chemicals processing.

2. Don’t Allow The Coconut oil to Sit for a Longer Time

Leaving coconut oil overnight or even an hour on your lashes can help to relax within a week. When you using oil, let it only for 15 to 20 minutes after the lash lift. Also, you should not apply coconut oil to the lash lift on daily basis. If you use it often it might relax the lash lift in early before the standard time.

3. Make Sure No Coconut oil is Left on Your Lashes

In order to ensure the coconut oil is not left on the eyelashes, you will require to wash it with a gentle cleanser such as lash shampoo as well as Cetaphil. Most importantly, you must not rub the lashes while washing them to neglect running the lash lift. Once cleaning is over, brush them in the comfortable direction you got the lash lift.

4. Get Help from Coconut oil for Over-Processed Lash

Any oil cannot help in case of over-processed lashes in a day. It may take one to two weeks, but using coconut oil on a lash lift gives you enough relief within two weeks. If you want to adjust the lash lift to a less lifted shape, coconut oil can suit well for this. But, you need to let the oil sit for the full night on the eyelashes.

5. Nourish and Moisturize

Coconut oil is said to be a very good option to nourish and moisturize the eyelashes after the lash lift. For these things, you have to wait for 2 to 3 days before applying the coconut oil to the permed lashes. Let it on eyelashes for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash with a gentle cleanser.

We have given you different tips to take care of your lashes after lash lift and also coconut oil benefits on the lash lift. You may heard of many times that lash lift enemy is oil-based products. It may be true, but the great friend of an over-processed lash lift is said to be coconut oil. You may use any of the oil such as coconut or castor oil. Further, it is very important not to leave coconut oil on the eyelashes for a longer time. Take these tips to the heart and protect your lashes like your eyes forever.

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