How To Trim False Eyelashes?

how to trim false eyelashes

False eyelashes or falsies are used to give the lashes a bigger and lengthier appearance. Long lashes can instantly make your eyes look beautiful. However, people who don’t have them naturally can apply false eyelashes to add to the glam of their eyes. With just a little tailoring, your eyes are set to become the center of attraction.

Falsies are available in varied shapes. They are designed keeping in mind the width and length of the eyes. While people with larger eyes cannot extend their falsies, those with smaller eyes can easily modify their false lashes, giving eyes a perfect look.

However, it is essential that you know the right ways to trim your false eyelashes and get them the custom length.

What Is The Need To Trim The False Eyelashes?

If you want to cut the length of the band short, you need to trim the falsies. It becomes essential for people with smaller eyes as sometimes, the band seems wider for such eyes. The lashes extend either too far off the inner corner or too far into the inner corner, causing huge discomfort when the lash hair pokes into the eyes. It is when trimming the false eyelashes becomes necessary.

Moreover, hardly people have eyelashes of the same length. Rarely do people have a symmetrical face; forget about symmetrical lashes. Just like your eyebrows, your lashes are also sisters, not twins. They are similar enough to tell that they pair and dissimilar enough to tell the difference. In such cases, trimming the falsies becomes essential.

How To Trim False Eyelashes?

Here are the different ways to trim the falsies to get the desired length and width.

Trimming False Lashes To Get The Desired Length

Trimming with individual lashes is not a good idea as the length may differ when you apply them over the eyelid. Keeping the rack of uniformity will become tricky, so avoid it.

Trimming Strip Lashes For Length

If you plan to trim strip lashes for length, be patient enough as it will be a long and tiring process. Also, it will need high precision as once the lash is cut; you can’t stick it back. Trimming too much length off can ruin the lashes and the overall look of your eyes.

Take a very small and sharp scissor to trim the falsies. It is advised to use manicure scissors or the tiny ones that come with first aid kits. Now hold your strip lash up to the natural lash and look out for the length needed to come off.

Remember that eyelashes are not the same length from the inner corner to the outer one. Varying lengths may make the process tricky so perform it with precision and accuracy. The silhouette of the lash is what makes it unique and attractive, so make sure not to trim it straight away. Prefer trimming half the length of what you desire so you can proceed further as needed.

Once you think you are done, hold the lashes to the lash line and check if you get the proper silhouette. If there is a need to trim more, use the same approach. Make subtle arrangements each time you trim to get the desired length.

Sometimes the lashes look too blunt after trimming. In such cases, you must feather them out by angling the scissors and giving vertical cutting strokes. It is called point cutting that helps to create perfect ends- soft, tapered and wispy.
Ensure that your scissor is away from the lash band to prevent chopping off the lashes accidentally.

Trimming Strip Lashes For Width

To attain the right width, you need to measure the length of your eyes and cut them individually. Remember that cut will not be the same for both the bands as eye length may differ slightly. So you have to measure each eye to get the perfect width for each of them.

To perform it, start cutting the lashes from the outside edge. Often falsies taper, making it wispy towards the inner corner. They are made in such a way to be more comfortable and look natural around the delicate area. Trimming around the inner corner will give lash a blunt look, making them uncomfortable to wear.

So, measure each time before trimming to avoid any wrong cut.

So, now that you know how to trim false eyelashes do not make any blunder. Just a few trims here and there, and your falsies are all set to rock your eyes. Get the perfect length and width to enhance the eyes beautifully.

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