How To Remove Eyelash Extensions?

how to remove eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions play an important look in enhancing our looks but you need to remove them after some time to keep up the health of your natural eyelashes. This has to be done carefully to make sure that your eyes are not damaged and you can continue using them for an adorable look. Read on to know safe ways of removing eyelash extensions.

Process Of Removing Eyelash Extensions

Here are the steps for removing eyelash extensions at home:

1. Rinse Your Face: This is needed to remove any makeup or dirt build-up on the skin. Do not pull or tug your eye area in any case as it will damage the natural eyelashes.

2. Place Your Face Over Steam at a Safe Distance: Take some steaming hot water in a bowl and then place your face over it, at a distance that doesn’t hurt. Then take a towel to cover your head and remain in the position for some time till the adhesive on the skin loosens.

3. Apply Warm oil with Cotton Pads: Apply some warm coconut, castor, olive or vegetable oil on the eyelashes. Touch the oil before application to avoid burns since the eyelids have softer skin. You can use cotton pads to soak the oil and then place them over the eyes for 5-10 minutes. Gently run them over the eyelashes to wipe off the adhesive.

4. Extension Removal: When you wipe off the eyelashes with the cotton pad soaked in oil, they will come up after a few wipes. Have patience while doing this, and wait till they naturally fall off, instead of trying to pull them.

Risks Involved In Eyelash Extensions At Home

Some common risks that might occur if you remove eyelash extension at home, include:

  • Natural eyelashes might get damaged because of a lack of patience.
  • You may contract an eye infection.
  • Lack of proper quality products for removing eyelashes causes damage to the eyes.
  • Excessive oil application might cause the pores to get clogged.

Does Vaseline Help In Eyelash Extension Removal?

Yes, vaseline can dissolve and lose the glue molecules in the eyelash extensions. But it can damage the extensions when not used carefully.

How Helpful Is Professional Eyelash Extension Remover?

There are string glue-dissolving agents in professional eyelash removers, so if you accidentally let it into your eyes, there will be severe negative outcomes. Hence it is recommended to let a professional use do it and they also generally use a cream or gel for this purpose.

The process of removing the eyelashes is easy when you have the right knowledge of the steps and have the tools to accomplish them. Also, patience is the key to completing the eyelash extension removal harmless, hence it must be avoided when you are in a rush. In case you are not confident about doing it at home, visit a professional for the best results. This will protect your natural eyelashes and avoid any kind of serious damage.

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