Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?

can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to conceive or just got pregnant, you still deserve to look good. Makeup is a way of self-care to get through the day. Since there are restrictions during pregnancy, it is a common thing to wonder if eyelash extensions are safe. Since these are non-invasive makeup processes, it is safe as long as the technician doing the extension takes all the necessary precautions.

Consulting a certified physician is mandatory before getting any eyelash extension when you are pregnant. Read on to know more.

The Main Concern With Eyelash Extension

The glue used for eyelash extension for the bonding process is the main concern as it can lead to an allergic reaction. This happens because of ingredients like adhesive ingredients, coloring, thickening and stabilizing agents and other compounds too.

Among these, Cyanoacrylate is the primary ingredient and is an acrylic resin that is in liquid form when it is isolated in a bottle. But in the presence of water, it quickly polymerizes. Once a single molecule comes in touch with water, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the formation of long and strong chains, that settle to form a hard solid.

During the polymerization, formaldehyde is released which is the primary reason for allergic reactions. This results in watery eyes, coughing, nausea, skin irritation, watery eyes, and a burning sensation which may vary from person to person based on their sensitivity level. Check out how to reduce the chances of reaction in the next section.

Ways Of Getting Eyelash Extension Safely During Pregnancy

1. Using Glue Specifically Made for Sensitive Lash: Choosing the eyelash depends on your choice so it is better to go for those designed for glue-sensitive people. Its quality is also important because the cheaper ones lead to severe allergic reactions.

2. Well-Ventilated Treatment Studio: Pregnancy increases sensitivity to smell, thus resulting in more sensitivity to chemicals and other odours. In such cases, a ventilated treatment studio can reduce changes in reaction.

3. Patch Test: If you are pregnant and getting the eyelash extension for the first time, a patch test can help in understanding if there are any reactions. In case there were no reactions while doing extensions before, then the chances of getting one during pregnancy are less, still, a patch test is safe.

To conduct, the patch test, around 10 lash extensions are applied on outer eye corners. This helps in understanding if a small amount of formaldehyde causes an allergic reaction in the next 24-48 hours. In case there is no discomfort, the treatment will be safe.

It is important to opt for eyelash treatment with a professional stylist, especially when you are pregnant. But in case there is a severe allergic reaction, immediate medical help must be sought. Moreover, the process needs around 3 hours which may be uncomfortable for pregnant women, especially those who have reached 20 weeks.

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