Signs Of Bad Eyelash Extensions

signs of bad eyelash extensions

The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the face. They are something that people notice instantly. If you have got an eyelash extension, nothing can stop your eyes from becoming the center of attention. However, feeling discomfort when brushing eyelash extensions is one of the most typical indications of Bad eyelash extensions.

While some people are born with big eyelashes, some need an extension to make them appear bigger. Getting eyelash extensions is pretty exciting. They dramatically enhance the eyes and make them look bigger, brighter, lively, and more youthful.

However, the concern arises when the eyelash extension is not done properly. It requires skills, experience, and professionalism to apply for extensions precisely.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Eyelash Extensions?

Before you head out to get an eyelash extension, you must get acquainted with the process, and the precision required. Getting it from someone not experienced enough may lead to a bad result.
Some telling signs of bad eyelash extension are-

1. Redness and Swelling in The Eyes

You should not feel any discomfort with your extensions. If your eyes turn red and swollen, your eyelids are sensitive and allergic to the adhesive used to stick the extension. The result of the allergic reaction came out within 24 hours.
If you are experiencing the same, apply a cold compress to relieve the pain. Also, book an appointment for eyelash removal immediately. Seek medical advice.

2. Unnatural Look and Feel Around The Eyes

When you get eyelash extensions, they should look natural. It is important to get the right size and length of the extensions to give eyes a natural look. If you use extensions that are too long for the inner corners, the eyes will look awkward.

Always make sure that your extensions give you a natural, believable, and beautiful look, not gauche. It is important that eyelash extensions are of the correct length and density to stay in the lash line without causing any discomfort.

3. Burning Sensation in The Eyelid Area

Make sure the eyes are closed during the entire process of extension application. If you are feeling a burning sensation, it indicates a lack of safety measures. The adhesive used in sticking the extensions could cause huge irritation to the eyes, especially the cornea.

Application of eyelash extension should be a fun and painless process. It is essential to follow all the safety protocols to reduce the chances of irritation and burning sensation.

4. Soreness and Pulling Sensation Along The Lash Line

Eyelash extensions shed naturally over time along with natural lash attached to the base. It indicates that your lash extensions have held through the entire lifespan. However, if they are coming or shedding without natural lashes, it is called premature loss.

Premature loss is a sign of a bad eyelash extension. It means you have not enjoyed your extensions for the period you are supposed to due to poor adhesive bond or improper aftercare.

5. Difficulty in Brushing Through The Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are applied with minimum glue and on one natural eyelash at a time. It allows easy brushing through the lashes.

However, if you cannot brush through the extensions, it means you have got a bad eyelash extension. Using the correct amount of glue makes all the difference. So apply it properly for the best result.

6. Use of Incorrect Lashes

The results would be disappointing if you have used lash flares or cluster lashes. They are outdated lash types and cannot be worn for a long duration due to bulkiness. Also, being heavy, they are not able to stick to one natural lash at a time. Adhering to multiple lashes makes the eyes look bad.

Always use Volume and Classic lash extensions as they can be applied on the individual natural lashes and shed after completing their lifespan.

7. Extensions Lying Oddly

A perfectly adhered eyelash extension should mimic natural eyelashes. If they lie in different directions, they will look extremely odd. It could happen when they are not isolated properly, or multiple lashes adhere together. Over time, it causes damage.

Your lash extensions should be comfortable to wear and enhance the overall look of the eyes. If there is any discomfort, it clearly is a sign of bad eyelash extension.

If you spend so much time and money on eyelash extensions, the result should be good. Application of lash extension is not a child’s play. It is an art, and only people with skills and experience can do it with perfection. So choose the right place to get your eyelash extension and enjoy the dreamy and dramatic look of your eyes.

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