How To Do Bridal Makeup Step By Step – Tutorial

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Get gorgeous! A woman’s wedding day is a dream day of each lady. They start planning the day from the time they were little girls. Every woman wants to make this day very special and unforgettable and wants to seem like a princess or fairy. Let us read to know how to do bridal makeup step by step at home.

How to Do Bridal Makeup Step by Step

One should select the perfect or proper wedding makeup. One should choose the makeup which will best suit your complexion. Here we tend to represent the various steps of bridal makeup.

Step 1 (Prepare Your Skin)

On the day of your wedding, don’t use a tough scrub instead use an exfoliating cleanser. Your face ought to be clean and soft. As makeup ought to look natural with stunning skin.

Step 2 (Primer is Required)

Use a primer before applying makeup it will facilitate carrying the makeup the whole day. It will facilitate swish fine lines and wrinkles and even disguise open pores. Choose a primer according to your skin type.

Step 3 (Apply Foundation)

Choose Foundation Per Your Undertone: For a cool undertone go for a rosier, redder base foundation, and for a warm undertone go for the yellow or golden base foundation.

Quick Tip: To know whether the selected shade is right, Q-tip is employed. Dip that Q-tip in the foundation and apply it to your lower jawline. If it vanishes, it’s the right one.

Apply foundation on the face, starting from the middle and blending outward using foundation brush. Apply below your jaw and neck. Apply foundation in skinny layers for higher finishing.

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Step 4 (Add Concealer)

Foundation is meant for getting an even skin tone and concealer is employed to cover things, like spots or dark circles. If you use concealer before foundation, it will rub away while applying foundation. Use a concealer brush and put a dot of liquid concealer on the brush. The shade of concealer should be the same shade or one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply wherever required. Patting the brush will help to spread the concealer. Patting must be done against the skin.

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Step 5 (Set Your Base)

Cream blush should be preferred rather than a powder blush or use powder as your base. Now use a powder bronzer that’s just a shade darker than your foundation and brush it on your face.

Step 6 (strong Blush Gently)

Light blush must be preferred. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards and out toward your hairline. Avoid blushing over your nose as no one wants a pink nose. For fair skin, blush on shades of soft rose or baby pink colors, and for medium skin blush on shades of cranberry, soft coral, or rosy pink, and for deep skin colors like plum, grape and raspberry can suit the foremost.

Step 7 (Bring Color to Your Eyes with Shadow)

Opt for colored eyeliners rather than using Black liner. Paler or muted eye shadows will complement your eye color, and with the use of highlighter, your eyes look larger and more attractive.
Try brown, grey, and green eyeliners and apply them on both your top and bottom eyelids. Use cream eye shadow as it will last a longer time and is best used on the lids of your eye. If you have green eyes try the bronze shade, for blue eyes use dark brown, and for brown eyes, gray is best.

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Step 8 (Add Mascara)

You must use waterproof mascara, volumizing and lengthening mascara. Curl your lashes before applying both. Go with black – it is the best. Use a brow powder. The shade of brow powder must be a little darker than your natural color. Brush it on your eyebrows in a natural line.

Step 9 (Create Lips That Look Good and Last Longer)

Know the Lip magic! As you need your face skin to be well moisturized prior to applying makeup, your lips also need to be moisturized if they are dry or cracked when the color will be applied all you see will be lines. To avoid this, use a lip hydrator and let it absorb before applying color. Use a lip liner before applying lipstick. The shade of lipstick and blush must match each other as it will enhance overall makeup.

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