How To Do Your Own Prom Makeup Like A Pro

How To Do Your Own Prom Makeup Like A Pro

There is no doubt that looks matter a lot when you need to get ready for the prom. A lot of things need to be taken care of to make you look beautiful and attractive. It goes right from the dress to hair and finally to your makeup.

DIY Prom Makeup

There are quite a lot of prom makeup ideas that are in fashion today. Getting the prom makeup done in a beauty salon is going to cost a lot of money. Why not try out many DIY prom makeup ideas to make you look stunning and perfect for the most important event in your teenage life.

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1. Mermaid Eyes

mermaid eyes
  • To get the mermaid look in your eyes, you need to buy blue and gray shades and a green eyeliner.
  • Take a light blue eye-shade and apply it over your eyelids with the help of a brush. Take a smoky gray color and apply it to the crease of your eye to create a vibe look.
  • Take teal green eyeliner and spread it under your eyelashes or the bottom lips of your eyes to create the mermaid eye look.

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2. Charcoal Eyes

Charcoal Eyes
  • The charcoal look can be given to your eyes with a very good  metallic charcoal pigment eye color and the black mascara.
  • It is the best thing you can  do to  your face to make the eyes do the talking and to impress the onlookers.
  • Give your eye a smoky look and feel by applying this eye makeup. Take metallic charcoal pigment and apply it on the entire eyelid. Be generous with it. Apply some on the lower lashes as well.
  • Top this with two or three coats of the darkest mascara. Use some false eyelashes to give your gaze an intense and stunning look.

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3. Glossy Eyelids

Glossy Eyelids
  • The eyes will pop up when going for a high glossy look. Apply the base skin color coat gently on the eyelids till the brow. Take a glossy product you prefer and apply it over the base coat as desired.
  • To keep the glossy shadow last, you can think of layering it. Using the glossy shade that matches your lip color is a good option. It is best suited for night makeup.

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4. Bronze Eyes

Bronze Eyes

To give the bronzy look to your eyes, you need to  keep  the following things ready.

  • Gold and bronze eye shadow,
  • Amethyst eyeliner pencil and a brush,
  • Liquid mascara.

How to Do:

  • Clean the face and pat dry. Use a base eyeshadow on your upper and lower eye lips. Apply the gold eye shadow right form your eyelash line up to the crease and also along the bottom eyelash line.
  • Give a coating of the bronze eye shadow in the outer corner of the eye and the bottom eyelash line.
  • Use the purple eyeliner over the eyelash line and finish the makeup by giving a generous shot of the liquid black mascara for eyelashes.

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5. The Strobing Look

The Strobing Look
  • Use the strobing stick on the high points on your face. It will give an instant glow to your face. Now, to give your eyes a glow use the stick to highlight the eyebrow bone and then move on to the eye’s inner corner.
  • Move on to the face’s center. Work the stick from the bridge of your nose right to the upper lip and then on to the center of your chin.
  • Finally, blend well and see that your face gets an instant radiance and shine.

Dark Red Matte Lips

  • Be ready with a good dark red matte lipstick, lip primer and the lip liner to get the desired look on your lips.
  • To get the right pout and protruding lips, you should first exfoliate it using a face scrub. Wash it off and then move on to the lip primer. Use it on your lips evenly so that the entire lip is covered with primer.
  • Use a lip liner whenever you going for a dark matte red lipstick. Outline your lip with the liner and this ensures that you do not lipstick does not go beyond the lines. Be sure to keep the color of the liner a bit light.

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  • Apply the red matte lipstick at the center of your lips first and then move on to the delicate corners slowly.  Use a concealer or a highlighter to make your lips look crisp and attractive.

These are easy to use DIY makeup tips that you can follow to bring the best look on your face for the prom event.

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