How To Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro

how to apply eyeshadow

Application of eye shadow as a form of beauty has been recently rising as evidenced by a large number of women in the modern world today. Apparently, in the US, the population of women who use eye shadow makeup is estimated to be 7.5 million. Additionally, the rate at which they are using this beauty product is about 8 times in a single day. However, it’s worrying to hear that most of these ladies are finding it hard to apply an eye shadow appropriately. Although this is happening, they are not to blame possibly because the directions and tips which are often given on the manual usage are not enough or clear. This article is a good platform that is bringing to you reliable tips on how to apply an eye shadow.

Apply Primer

Apply Primer

Perhaps, the reason as to why you are frequently applying an eye shadow is because you never knew about this product. A primer makes the makeup to stick for long hours without shading off. It also keeps the skin soft and smooth prior to the application of the real makeup since its very difficult to use an eye shadow on a tough and rough skin. Nonetheless, it increases the skin’s radiance, reduces pores and hydrating the skin. Gently spread your desired primer under your eyes and massage it using the tips of both the middle and ring figures before doing anything further.

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It specifically performs the function of widening the eyes in an attempt to make them appear as if they are bigger. It creates the shape of an eye for an eye shadow to cover the specified area properly. Apart from that, it also increases the retention power and neatness of the eye shadow. Liquid eyeliner is the most preferable option than the solid one. Therefore, accentuate your lower or upper lash frame using a subtle color complexion to make it look attractive instead of both lash lines. In case the eyeliner forms a bumpy feature on the eye line, then rub off the top layer using a cottoned tip that has been immersed in an effective makeup remover solution.

Eye Shadow


Since the shape of the eye shadow has already been defined by the primer, it’s now time for you to begin applying the eye shadow while starting from the top corner of the eye using a brush that is fluffy in nature. Form a V-shape feature and narrow down as you apply it towards the eyelid. Continue applying and stop when a clearly shaped color of the eye shadow is attained.

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A highlighter plays a major role in maintaining and increasing the natural appearance of the skin. It makes the eye look more active and brighter. Simply choose one color that contains two shades and start highlighting the eyeshadow with the lighter shade. Gently spread it on the lids and the inner lash lining while following the lining of the eye shadow.


Blending provides you with a flawless and wide coverage of your makeup. It ranges from colour mixing to concealer add-ons. Be very cautious about the choice of colours that you are going to mix. Preferably, you can go for blue and black and blend more thoroughly at the meeting points of the two shades. Use a soft brush and blend until a light uniform colour appears.

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IMP Tips to Apply Eyeshadow in Order to Avoid Mistakes

  • Match your shade colour with the eye shadow because the eye shadows will always look appealing whenever the colours are matching them.
  • Preferably, green colours match perfectly with burgundy eye shadows.
  • You can also choose a less shouting colour if you like a unique shade that is different from the colour of your eyes.
  • Always blend the meeting points of the two boundaries so that they it with appear sloppy by using a shadow brush.
  • Begin by spreading a concealer before putting an eye shadow so that the eye shadow cannot cover the whole region sound the eyes. Spread the concealer immediately under the lower lash lining.

To sum up, if you are a lover of this makeup design, then try putting the above tips in practice so that you can always have the best attractive facial aspects.

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