Can You Use Eyeshadow As Blush?

Can You Use Eyeshadow as a Blush

Eyeshadows form a crucial part of everyday makeup, because of their versatility to be used as a highlighter and blush. If your eyeshadow has a satin or matte finish, it can be a perfect blush. These are often more pigmented compared to blushes so it needs to be applied carefully.

How to Use Eyeshadow as Blush

1. Powder Eyeshadow

  • Select the right eye shadow for your skin tone.
  • Dip your blush brush in the eye shadow palette and tap it to remove excess product.
  • Apply the blush in a circular motion on your cheeks up to your ears.

2. Cream Eyeshadow

  • Take a makeup sponge or a cheek highlighter brush, and dip in the cream eye shadow.
  • Tap the brush on your cheeks instead of sweeping them.
  • Blend it thoroughly unlike the powder eye shadow to get a natural look.

Tip: Don’t use a lot of cream eye shadow as a blush as it will degrade quickly but a little bit will go a long way.

Blush Based on Skin Type

  • You can opt for shimmer shadow but that won’t create a natural look like the matte shadows. So, the shimmer is a good choice when you are attending parties.
  • If you have dry skin, go for cream eyeshadows as it results in long-lasting coverage. Similarly, powder eyeshadows are best for oily skin.

While using an eyeshadow as a blush, pick a lip color that blends with your skin tone, clothes and other accessories, to create a perfect look. Since eye shadow is heavier than blush with a higher degree of opaqueness, it is important to thoroughly remove your makeup at the end of the day to avoid breakouts.

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