How Long Do Eyeshadow Palettes Last

how long do eyeshadow palettes last

If you love eye makeup and have plenty of eye shadow pallets, it’s time you should know how to take care of them and by what time they expire. Sometimes we keep on using expired eyeshadows and think about why the results are coming as they used to be. Likewise, some eyeshadows start causing skin irritation, which indicates an expired eyeshadow.

Maybe you don’t know, but most makeup products have a very short lifespan. It means they expire and, when used, may cause skin issues. So, how to know that your eyeshadow has expired? Keep reading to know everything about eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow Palettes Last

What Are The Different Types Of Eyeshadows?

There are different types of eyeshadows that you can use to get different looks. For instance, you can get a natural or bold look by using different eyeshadows. They typically come in the following formulas:

  • Powdered eyeshadow– They are the most common types of eyeshadows, considered perfect for beginners who do not know much about eyeshadow application. It is because blending this type is way easier than any other type of eyeshadow. Moreover, its availability in different finishes like shimmer, glitter, and matte makes it perfect for all.
  • Liquid eyeshadow– Even though liquid eyeshadows are complicated to work with, the pay-off is worth it. Giving great colors and dramatic finishing make them one of the best to use. If you know how to work with a liquid eyeshadow, just a drop or two could transform how your eyes look.
  • Cream eyeshadow– They come in a small pot and cab be applied easily with a finger. Offering high pigment and intense color, they are perfect for all. The only drawback is cream eyeshadows dry easily when exposed to heat, light, or open-air for a long duration.
  • Loose pigment eyeshadow– They give a stunning finish to the eyes, making them highly desired by top makeup artists.

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How Long Does An Eyeshadow Last?

how long do eyeshadow palettes last

Fortunately, eyeshadows last more than any other skincare or makeup product. There are different types of eyeshadows available in the market, and depending upon it, their expiry date is determined.

For instance, powdered eyeshadows last for two to three years, and water or cream-based eyeshadows expire earlier. The reason behind it is the presence of certain cream or oil and preservatives in these eye shadows that break down over time, causing the product to go bad.

Some criteria that decide the life of eyeshadow-

  • Oil or cream in cream-based eyeshadows
  • Preservatives that break down over time
  • Exposure to dry air, moisture, or bacteria from dipping instruments or fingers

If you apply eyeshadow with fingers, make sure you always clean them before using them. Likewise, using clean brushes for applying eyeshadow also ensures that your product will not go bad before its expiry date,

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Indication That Your Eyeshadow Has Expired

The three factors that decide if your eyeshadow has expired or not-

  • If you notice your eyeshadow becoming hard or difficult to blend, it means it has expired. It will be better not to use it as it can cause skin irritation, especially on sensitive skin.
  • It is difficult to tell about the expiry of powdered eyeshadow because it doesn’t get hard. However, if you notice a typical smell or mold growth, the chances are it has expired and is not good to use.
  • If you live in an area where the climate conditions are harsh, like too much humidity or heat, you need to keep an eye on the eyeshadow to check the signs of expiry.

What Will Happen If I Use An Expired Eyeshadow?

In general, there will be no harm in using an eyeshadow that is slightly past its expiration date. Still, it is recommended to throw as soon you see the eyeshadow seems doubtful. If your product comes with an expiration date, yet it seems fine, you should still not use it.

The area around our eyes is very delicate. It is prone to getting sensitive and gets skin issues and other major problems easily. If you use bad or expired eyeshadow, you may face problems like-

  • Pink eye
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Allergic reactions

Since the eyes are an essential body part, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even though eyeshadows last longer, you should keep your eyes safe from expired products.

Before applying your eyeshadow, make sure that it is in its best state. Cream-based eyeshadow is not cracked, and powdered one is not infected with mold. For the best result, make sure you apply primer before eyeshadow to get a smooth and crease-free look.

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