Does Makeup Expire? – How to Know & Tips To Avoid

does makeup expire

If you have been using your makeup for too long, it may be time for you to check its expiry date. Just like other products, all makeup products come with a certain shelf life, usually 3 years from the date of manufacture. If you use it or keep it unopened, it will expire. Read on to know more about the expiry of various products.

Expiry Of Various Makeup Products

1. Concealers and Foundations:

The ingredients in the foundation and concealer indicate their shelf life. Those which are water-based usually last for 12 months but the shelf life of oil-based products last is around 18 months since oil acts as a natural preservative.

In case you find the oil rising to the top of the consistency thickening, the foundation could create streaky and uneven marks and an inconsistent finish, indicating that it has expired.

Tip: Store your foundation or concealer in a cooler place and keep shaking it regularly to ensure that the oil and water are mixed.

2. Bronzer, Blusher and Face Powder

Face powders should be kept for a maximum period of 18 months. With regular use, you must have noticed a hard rim on your makeup product. This happens when the oil on our face mixes with the product

Tip: Buy these products with a lid so those won’t be exposed to air. Thus, oxidation can be prevented. Also, it is better to avoid using some greasy concealer before using these products.

3. Mascara

If you use it every day, the expiry date is 3 months or else it is 6 months. Since it is a wet makeup, there are high chances of bacterial development. Even the naturally occurring germs from our eyelashes may be transferred to it.

Tips: Discard the mascara if it smells funky. In general, a popping sound occurs when you take the wand out of the tube, so if it doesn’t, this implies that excess air has already entered the tube.

Avoid pumping the wand as this pushes air into the tube, making it dry. Twist against the interior for drawing out the wand. In case it still dries up, use some drops of baby oil to revive it.

4. Eyeliner:

These can last up to 3 years, especially those made using a bacteria-prone formula. Pencil eyeliner lasts even longer because sharpening it exposes the fresh lid outside which is devoid of any germs. In case you find a white film which can no more be sharpened, you need to replace your pencil eyeliner too.

Tips: Clean the tip of liquid eyeliner after every use, so there are lower chances of germ transfer from your eyes to the tip. While using a pencil eyeliner, sanitize your sharpener using cotton wool and rubbing alcohol.

5. Lipstick and Lipgloss

Lipsticks usually last up to 18 months since they have preservatives that keep germs at bay, but after this period, they break down too. You can know this by checking for any funky odor, chalky texture or beading of moisture.

No matter which brand you go for, makeup products are bound to expire. But following the tips we have mentioned above, you can slow down the degradation of the product. Also, make sure to get small packages of makeup if you do not use them regularly so that you don’t have to throw them away upon expiry.

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