How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

makeup to make eyes look bigger

Makeup is increasingly attracting many people with the majority of ladies incorporating it as part of their daily lifestyle. Beauty enhancement is the main factor that is making them to opt into this field. Apparently, eye-enlargement is one of the involving makeup styles that is being practiced by a small number of ladies in the UK and US simply because its somehow tricky and therefore someone cannot just get into it easily.

It’s without a doubt that trying to change the size of eyes and make them look different and bigger requires proper guidance and directional tips So that maintain their natural appearance without being noticed. In order to fulfill their beauty dreams. This article presents to you the best makeup tips that will shape and modify your eyes to look bigger, active and youthful.

Defining The Eyebrows

defining eyebrows

It’s essential in providing a framework for the whole region around the eyes in order to determine the eventual appearance of the eyes. Let’s see how you can professionally define the eyebrows.

  • Start by inserting an angled brush that is stiff into your desired shades of colour. Ensure you start by the lighter shade then slowly dipping into the dark one.
  • Produce a boundary line just under the eyebrows to give a clear direction and follow up of the makeup while applying the makeup in the open spaces between the eyebrows in an upward direction.
  • Begin applying the dark shades from the outward to create the tail and middle structure of the brow. Use a brow brush to keep the brow hair in place or for economic purposes, make use of a used up toothbrush to brush then downwards and sideways.
  • Apply some gel on the brows to maintain the nature and shape of the brows as set by your work. Apply carefully and with a lot of tenderness to avoid digging into the makeup.
  • Highlight the region just under the brows using a light skin tone concealer to boost the general appearance by sharpening the brows.

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Things to keep in Mind While Working on Your Brows.

  • strictly adhere to the shape and direction of the brows to keep them more natural while applying the makeup.
  • Use a powdered-brow filler in case you are just starting to build your eyebrows since is easier to rub-off when it goes out of shape.

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Cover Your Crease

Cover Your Crease

The presence of creases under the eyes can make you look worse especially after applying makeup. However, spreading some shade over them can help build their dimension by making them to look like they are naturally extended from the brow-line. Below are some guidelines for adding a desired dimension to the creases.

  • Select a perfect crease shade for contouring and shaping it. This gives a transitional line between highlight and lid colour.
  • Use a skin-toned brown shade in case you want to maintain a natural skin appearance and give the best highlighter.
  • Apply your makeup using a rounded shaped brush that is fluffy and soft in nature because it simplifies the filling of creases by working uniformly. Avoid pointed brushes so that you can work gently.
  • Identify the crease position carefully, that hollow region of the eyes before working on it.

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  • Insert the brush in the chosen shade after determining the pigmentation of the eyeshadow. For a less-pigmented eyeshadow, just move the brush a thought the colour for a couple of rounds them apply gently. In case it is pigmented and dark enough, shake-off the overlying before running the brush over the eyeshadow.
  • Insert the brush directly into the crease but don’t blend excessively since it’s on the inner section. For the rest remaining part, rub the brush forward and backwards to attain a super- uniform colouration.

Wave the Lashes

Waving helps to curl the lashes in order to design and make the eyes structures visible. Just flip them upwards severally while holding the inwards towards the lid-base using a cotton swab.

Enhance the Lower and Top Lashes by Applying Mascara

Mascara gives a great definition to your lower lashes with just a little touch. Apply a little mascara immediately under the lower lash liner. For the upper lashes, touch them with mascara after curling them to a clear definition.

Keep the above ticks in practice and get your eyes to look naturally wide with a clear vision and classy look.

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