Why Do Your Eyes Get Red When You Cry

why do your eyes get red when you cry

Crying is a form of emotion. Sometimes it’s good to cry and vent out the things that annoy you. Often underestimated, crying has many health benefits like it makes the heart feel light, detoxifies the body, improves mood, restores emotional balance, and rallies support.(1)

When crying can help in so many ways, do you still want to make the eyes turn all red and blotchy? Puffy red eyes after a crying session bring the mood down further.

Let’s know the reason behind getting red eyes after crying and how you can ease these symptoms by using the things easily available at home.

Why Do The Eyes Turn Red While Crying?

Scientists explain a valid reason behind the eyes turning red and blotchy due to crying. It is contributed to lacrimal glands located close to the eyes whose function is to keep the eyes moist.(2)

When we are not crying, the blood vessels that deliver nutrients and oxygen to the eyes are normal. However, as we start crying, these vessels start dilating. At the same time, the lacrimal glands pump out secretions that create fluid, making up tears. All this comes from the blood vessels located around the eyes.

On their way to deliver fluids, the blood vessels dilate, causing the eyes to become red and puffy. When the crying is too intense, the blood vessels on the eye’s surface start dilating, causing the eyes to become redder.

What Are The Types Of Tears?

You cry when you are hurt or overjoyed. Tears help to process our emotions. Tears are of three types-(3)

  • Basal tears– These help keep the eyes lubricated and moist all the time to protect them.
  • Reflex tears– When some foreign matter enters the eyes, or the eyes get irritated for some reason, like cutting onions, the reflex tears come immediately to soothe the eyes. They have extra infection-fighting powers and keep the eyes protected from infections.
  • Emotional tears– When you are too sad or too happy, the tears respond to strong feelings.

How Can I Get Rid Of Red Eyes Due To Crying?

Redness after a good cry is normal. It can be controlled to some extent by constricting the vessels and using some soothing moisture to the eyes. Makeup can also give a contouring effect. You can use the following methods to control red eyes after crying-

Eye Drops– If your eyes feel dry and irritated, you can use eye drops that help to moisturize the eyes. It controls the redness to a great extent. However, consult your doctor before using any eye drops and use them with the right dosage. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before putting eye drops.

Eyeliner: You can enhance the whites of your eyes with the help of white eyeliner to reduce the redness. With the help of the ‘tight line’ technique, which is similar to tracing the waterline, you can stimulate the natural area of darkness in your lash line. It makes the eyes appear brighter.

Color Correcting Concealer– Crying tenses the muscles in and around the eyes. Apart from your eyes, your nose and surrounding areas may also look red. To avoid this, you can use a concealer to mask the telltale signs of your emotional status and give you a refreshing look. With green concealer, you can neutralize the redness on the affected areas.

Enhance Color Somewhere Else: Distracting people by adding color to other face areas is also a trick. For instance, blushing the cheeks or adding dark lip color could help. It will draw the attention of people somewhere else other than your eyes. Over time, the eyes become normal.

How Can I Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Due To Crying?

Just like the eyes getting red, they also swell due to crying because fluids gather around the eye area and under the eyelids. However, it is easy to manage them.

Apply Cool Compress: Get a clean washcloth and dip it in cold water. Hold the cloth under and around the eyes for a few minutes. Do not apply ice directly to the skin.

Apply Tea Bags or Cucumber Slices– These two products, easily available in the kitchen, can control the puffiness around the eyes. Cut two cucumber slices and place them over the eyes for a few minutes. Keep them until they no longer feel cool. Likewise, you can use refrigerated tea bags and place them on the eyes for 15 minutes.

When you cry, you let your emotions come out, which is like a healing process. So, now that you know how to control red and puffy eyes, do not hesitate to cry. Cry your heart out and feel lighter.

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