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Best Hazel Eyes Makeup For Your Eyes

Are you having hazel eyes? If yes, then you are really lucky as God has given you most unique and attractive eyes. It’s quite difficult to find out the perfect eye makeup for hazel eyes as hazel eyes are a combination of green, golden and even brown and have different intensity of colors. You may be struggling every day for your hazel eye makeup. Today I am here to provide you that much wanted ease in decorating your beautiful eyes. I will help you in deciding which eye makeup will compliment your eyes. Here I represent different steps of eye makeup.

Step 1: Makeup Base

Any makeup starts with makeup base. Those who skip this step make a big mistake. Base helps to retain the makeup for longer hours and we get perfect finishing. Sometimes people think the base is not so important, but they are very wrong as a base smooths the skin tone. Next, you have to apply foundation, and then powder on your face. If your eyes are swollen then must apply a special cream that will reduce your swelling. And if you have pigmentation or spots go for concealer.

Now, your skin is ready for further eye makeup. Go to next step.

Step 2: Eye Shadows

As we have already discussed that hazel eyes have different combination and intensity of colors. So eye shadow is selected according to the intensity. Which eye shadow will enhance the beauty of hazel eyes? The best answer of this question is very important.

  • If you have light hazel eyes then you must use brown shade pencils and eye shadow. It will best complement your eyes. According to the specialists you must avoid bold colours.
  • Those who have honey coloured eyes consider beige colour or champagne colour with a combination of light purple colour. Use bronzed colour pencil so as to give eyes depth. According to professionals brown pencil must be used instead of black pencil as brown suits the most.
  •  Those who have fine and delicate shades of hazel eyes then you must prefer bronze or green colour. You can consider all shades of purple eye shadow. Avoid bronze pencil as it will look unnatural.
  • If you are having dark brown eyes you can accent your beauty with intense purple colours and can also use brown and green. You can use black pencil, but make sure you are wearing a dark eye shadow.
  • While choosing makeup for hazel eyes, hair color is also considered. If you are having hazel eyes with blonde you must go for beige, deep pink, all shades of green and white brunettes you must prefer gold, silver or fuchsia.

TIP: Girls with hazel eyes must avoid eye shadow shades of terracotta and orange, it will definitely hide your beauty and enigma of your eyes.

Step 3: Mascara and Eyeliner

  • If you want a perfect and fashionable make up in Arabic or any style, then eyeliner is crucial product. Apply liner on the upper eyelid and try to keep loose to the lashes as much as possible. The line will be thin from starting and its thickness will increase as it reaches the end. It will enlarge your eyes and will give more enigma look.
  • The appropriate color of eyeliner should be selected according to eye shadow color. If you have used pink eye shadow, then use purple eyeliner. And if you have selected purple eye shadow then go with brown eyeliner.
  • The eye makeup is incomplete without mascara. Mascara helps to increase the beauty of once’s eyes. You can use two types of mascara one for lengthening the lashes and another to increase volume. You can also go for false eyelashes. Best suited color of mascara is black, but possessors of hazel eyes can also go with shades of turquoise, blue or green. These colors will best compliment their eyes. Want to try?
  • Eye makeup for hazel eyes must appear natural and sensual. You must select the best color which will compliment your eyes and the occasion too.
  • Keeping these tricks in mind and following them, believe me or not but you will definitely appear the centre of attraction.

Image Credit: Soure

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Best Hazel Eyes Makeup For Your Eyes
Here some few step about to look make hazel eyes perfectly for your eyes. Hazel eyes are a combination of green, golden and even brown and have different intensity of colors that look very best and brightest.

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