Eye Makeup For Deep Set Eyes – Tips and Tricks

eye makeup for deep set eyes

Trying to figure out why a look isn’t recreated on your face just the way it should have been? Well, eyes are possibly the first thing that comes to notice when anybody would see you. The eye makeup has the power to make or break your entire look which makes it very important to identify your eye shape. Even the most expensive products do not work if the right techniques are not followed.

If you are somebody who has their eyes positioned deep in the eye socket, you are blessed with �deep set eyes’. Deep set eyes generally are hooded, have darker skin, sunken and dull which makes it important to follow the right tips and tricks to achieve an amazing and sophisticated makeup look. Here are some easy tips to remember when you do your makeup for deep set eyes. Make your gorgeous deep set eyes look stunning with some easy eye makeup tips.

The first and foremost thing to remember is that your aim when applying makeup for your deep set eyes is to brighten the eyes and make it appear larger.

Prep & Prime – a Must Do!

primer for deep set eyes

It is always a good idea to have a clean and well moisturized face before beginning your makeup. The secret to make your eye shadow look bright and last long is to apply the primer evenly. It not only helps your eye makeup last longer but also lets the eye shadow blend smoothly.

Conceal it well

Deep set eyes usually have deeper skin tone on the lids and dark circles which makes the use of concealer imperative. Apply the concealer matching your skin tone and fix it with foundation or setting powder. This not only helps in hiding the dark circles but also highlights the eyes.

Color it Perfectly

makeup colors for deep set eyes

Just like contouring your face for a sharp face cut, it is important to contour your eyes with the perfect combination of eye shadows. Deep set eyes already have a darker skin hence it is suggested to use the lighter shades of eye shadow for the eyes to be highlighted well. Soft shades of pink, peach and gold work well for the base coat. Add this lighter shade all over the lids to give it a brighter look. Do not forget to blend it really well!

Add Some Drama with Dark Shades

dark colors for deep set eyes

Now that the eye lid is pretty well highlighted, add a darker shade of navy blue, grey or black to the outer corners. Make sure to blend it well with the lighter shade. The addition of a darker shade towards the outer end of the eye helps in distracting from your eye’s deep set area. Add the darker shade under the lower lash for a complete look.

Shimmer it Up

A little bit of glitter never does any harm. Add some shimmer to the middle of the eye lids to make the eyes look bigger. Blend it to perfection with the darker shade at the outer corner to make it look seamless. The key while applying makeup for deep set eyes is to make the brow bone recede a little instead of letting it come out further as it continues to add to the deep set effect. Finish the eye shadow application with highlighting the brow bone area and the inner corner of your eye.

Don’t Ditch The Eyeliner

eyeliner for deep set eyes

Applying eyeliner to your deep set eyes can actually make it look brighter. The only thing to take care is to apply minimal eyeliner on the inside and keep it thicker towards the outer ends. Thick eyeliner across the eye will make it look even smaller than it naturally is. Create a very thin line from the inner corner and gradually widen it as you move towards the outer end. You can also create a winged eye liner for a dramatic look. Add a white or beige eye pencil to your lower waterline to let your eyes appear bigger.

Add Volume With Mascara

mascara for deep set eyes

Apply generous amount of mascara on your eye lashes to make your deep set eyes for a well curled look. You can also opt for false lashes to add volume. Use at least 2 coats of your favorite mascara to ensure that the lashes are nicely curled and make your eyes look pretty.

Groom the Eyebrows Well

No makeup can look complete without well groomed eyebrows. Shape your eyebrows according to your face. It is a good idea to opt for a straighter arch to give your eyes a natural appearance. Add a final touch with filling the sparse areas in your eyebrows. Tame it well with a brow brush.

All these tips and tricks are helpful to make you look pretty, but most important of all if it is to be confident in what you have. Irrespective of the size or shape of your eyes, you are unique and beautiful in your own way.

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