How to Shape Your Eyebrows Based on Face Shape

eyebrows for face shape

Are you still wondering how to reshape your face perfectly according to your eyebrow shape? It’s obviously challenging to workout your eyebrows well since there is absolutely nothing that you can do about the shape and size of your face. You definitely have to adjust your eyebrows in order to make your face look elegant. Seemingly, the majority of UK women spend up to £ 1.5 billion specifically for facial beauty. However, it can be effortless to acquire facial makeup products if you really don’t know how to apply them. So if you are looking to structure your facial appearance by working on your eyebrows, then discussed below are some tips that will guide you on choosing a suitable eyebrow that suits your face shape.

Determine the Face Shape

Determine the face shape

Different people have different face shapes and therefore it’s good to identify it for the purpose of selecting a suitable eyebrow shape. Simply Stand before a mirror and study the flow of your jawbones and the hairline then begin by measuring the length from the terminal points of the cheekbones.

Additional, you can employ the cross shape technique whereby you will simply measure the distance between the ears by placing a ruler below the eyes. Then measure the length between the chin and hairline with the ruler placed over the forehead. These measurements determine the proportion of your face by comparing the ratios of the respective measurements. However, this can be done well with a physician.

Selecting The Right Eyebrow Shape

After determining the shape of your face, you have to choose an eyebrow that matches it. Let’s have a quick look on you will do it.

Long Face

long face shape

In case you have an extended long face, you definitely need to reshape it to appear rounder. Use flat eyebrow that is either straight or curved downwards to make the eyebrows shape flat. Don’t use arched eyebrows since they will highlight the long lines and make the face look even longer. This eyebrow shape works out well in all types of long faces.

Rounded Face

round face shape

If you have a rounded face, then you have to make it appear a little bit longer. Make the eyebrows arched and extended sharply. However, in case a longer face doesn’t go with you, then pick a low soft arch. Don’t use a rounded eyebrow shape that builds a great facial definition and lifts the brow. It’s a perfect shape for all wide and evenly extended faces.

Squared Face

square face shape

Having a square-shaped jaw is the most prominent feature in facial beauty. Always note that the distance between the forehead and the jaw is the same and this reshapes your entire face to look square. Create a low arched or rounded brow so that you can have a medium sized shape that is neither thin nor thick. This will surely soften the facial appearance and make you more feminine by evenly toning the prominent structures.

Oval Face

oval face shape

If you have such a face, then you have to make it a little bit angular. You can simply determine this shape if the face length is 1.5 times its width appear as if it’s an egg turned upside down. Use an angled brow shape that is soft because it matches perfectly with its shape. This only highlights the facial structure since an oval face has got all the necessary features to make you superb.

Heart Shaped Face

heart face shape

Reshape the brows to look rounded since possessing such a shape means that your chin is edged and therefore it has a spear-like feature. To acquire a more natural look, go for a low arch. Rounded brows alleviate this edged appearance.

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

(i). Threading of The Eyebrows

eyebrows threading

This the removal of undesirable hairs around the brows using a particular thread to the brows decent and clean.

(ii). Tweezing

eyebrows tweezing

Just like threading, it is also the ejection of hairs using a special instrument called a tweezer which picks and uproots each air one after the other. This needs to be when you are relaxed and comfortable. You can eventually apply some Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin.

Thus, begin shaping your eyebrows today using the above tips to make them appear beautiful by following these tips which will enhance your confidence as you move around.

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