How to Apply Mascara Perfectly – 10 Simple Tips to Look Fantastic

Applying mascara can help to enhance a women’s look and also helps to raise a dramatic style in her. After Kajal and lipstick, mascara tends to be the best friend of every woman because she finds her beauty in the product as it helps in enhancing her looks. This is one among the staple ingredient, but there comes a surprise when we actually say, there are so many people doing it wrong! Now I mean there are so many people who are not wearing mascara properly and they are committing this sin day after day. So, here is a proper guide to wear mascara and also we mention you the essential rules for applying mascara.

1. Learn to Know your Mascara Wands: 

There are varieties of mascara wands that actually come to use, but you no longer think about such things. All you do is, get a good product from a drug store and continue using it like you did before. Mascara wands are actually different from each other in size as well as the width. Even the brush of the wands has different sizes, so it is important to learn your mascara wand. Once you buy mascara from stores, take a close look and those and know how your mascara is. If the direction of the brush is upwards, you should follow it while applying too.

2. Avoid Over Doing:

Mascara surely helps to add volume to your eye lashes, but when it comes to applying more and more mascara it results with bad eye lashes. You can make your eyelash look like a perfect falsies by applying proper coats and curling them. Overdoing with mascara results in bad and spider like mascara which ruins your look. You can keep in simple by wearing number of coats which is actually required.

3. Check your Mascara:

Mascara tends to come in contact with bacteria soon, and as a result they tend to expire soon. On a general note, every mascara bottle expires 3 months after the purchase. Even if your mascara is dry, you should never add water like substance to get back the runny consistency. Using expired mascara will lead to itching over eyes and also pinkness of eyes. You should be extra careful with the products you use near the eye area. Also, keep a close check on the expiry product.

4. Curl the Ends:

This is a secret hack shared by professional and experts. If you want your eye lashes to look perfectly curled and beautiful, you can apply mascara only to the tip of eyelashes. Applying mascara over the tip adds some volume there which gives them a extra lift. You can just move the mascara wand in to and fro direction towards the tips of eyelashes. You should apply the mascara, only it to dry for few minutes and then apply once again. You can coat three times to give a perfect sassy looking curl.

5. Have Patience:

If you are in a hurry, it is always better to not to apply mascara than landing with bad mascara and eye lashes. Rushing can ruin your look and sometimes mascara gets transferred over eyes and there everywhere. After applying mascara you must wait for few seconds until it is completely dry and only then proceed with your work. Avoid smudging your mascara.

6. Choosing the Color:

While most of the women use only black, let me tell you brown color works wonders over eyes with brown eyes. There is other wide variety of colors available in mascara and hence you can give it a try. On personal note, purple color mascara looks fantastic over girls with hazel and light brown eyes. But before you give a final try to choosing a color, you can know few hacks about how to choose a proper color and also know the guide to apply them properly.

7. Funky Eyelashes:

You can try various funky eyelashes for special occasion. If you are planning to go for funky mascara hues, you can always go with basic black color. Mascara is all about perfection so you need to do it properly and with perfect. The main reason behind applying mascara is enhance your eyes as well as looks, so you can give it a try for funky eyelashes. You can go for green, purple, black or brown artificial hues and play with colors perfectly.

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8. Eyelash Curler: 

It is highly recommended that you should invest money in eyelash curler. This old fashioned device is so much of use it can help to get a perfect falsie. Using a eyelash curler helps to enhance the length of the lash as well as gives them a sexy look. Avoid making your eyelashes look sassy because they can enhance the curls over your eye. Don’t go for cheap eyelash curler but try to invest more on eyelash curler.

9. Use of Vaseline:

A key secret to applying mascara is applying Vaseline to get a unique shine over your lashes. You can apply Vaseline with the help of a cotton swab and then apply after applying mascara. Vaseline helps to give proper shine and also makes them look voluminous too. This is a perfect hack to be followed if you see your eyelashes growing dry or looking thin in texture.

10. Try to Use Two Different Colors:

You can give it a try to use two different colors which means you can effectively use brown and black color together or give a touch with any other bright color. What about going for a combination of yellow and black? If you have a special occasion, you can go with combination of brown and black. Make sure you apply the light color while you are coating for the second time.

If you are deciding to dress up like a Halloween week, you can go with the black and yellow combination! What about doing so?

These were the common hacks you can use while applying mascara.

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