How To Clean Out A Mascara Tube?

how to clean out a mascara tube

If you believe in reusing and recycling, congratulations! You are contributing to saving the planet (to some extent).
Usually, people throw away their mascara tubes once it’s finished because why not? The market is flooded with such products, and you can easily buy one. But, if you want to keep your mascara tube to store something else, we are here to tell you how to clean out the mascara tube as well as its brush for reuse.

These days you can easily find plenty of DIY projects that need tubes or mascara brushes to complete them. So, here we will provide all the information you need to clean the mascara tube and reuse it.

How To Clean Out A Tube Of Mascara?

If you need your old mascara tube and brush that have been used completely for some other work, you might want to clean the bottle. If you think you can do it simply with soapy water, believe me, you will not get the desired result. It is because mascara is a viscous substance.

Did you clean the mascara from your lashes just with water and soap? Of course not because it will not wipe off with them alone. Likewise, you need to use special products to make the tube clean.

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Here is the list of products that you will need to clean the mascara tube-

  • A bowl and fork
  • Warm water
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Makeup remover (water-based)
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol

Once you have collected all these items, start cleaning out the leftovers of mascara from the tube with the following steps-

  1. Pour water into the bowl and a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  2. Prepare a soapy solution
  3. Remove the mascara wand from the tube and clean it with the soapy solution.
  4. Let the brush soak in the solution for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Take it out and dry with paper towels.

Now that your mascara wand is clean and dry, it’s time to remove the leftover mascara from the tube and clean it as well.

  1. Take the water-based makeup remover and pour it inside the mascara tube. Fill it completely so that leftover mascara gets to loosen up.
  2. Now move the mascara wand in and out a few times so that the stuck mascara comes out.
  3. Swirl the wand around a few times.
  4. If some of the makeup removers have come out, fill the tube again, put the tube’s cap back and let the interiors soak for three hours.
  5. Now pour the makeup remover out of the tube into a paper towel.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water multiple times and let it air dry.

This way, all the leftover mascara will come out of the tube, making it clean and perfect for reuse. Before reusing, make sure the tube is dry and properly clean.

Tips For Cleaning Out Mascara Tube With Perfection

Even though the process of cleaning the mascara tube seems simple, if it is not done correctly, some leftover mascara will stay in the tube. It is important to pay strict attention to the following-

Use The Right Makeup Remover

As already mentioned, your makeup remover should be water-based; you should avoid an oil-based product. It is because the oil-based makeup removers do not mix properly with viscous products like mascara, leaving the residues behind.

The intention of putting the makeup remover inside the tube is to break down the mascara in the tube for easy removal. If you feel the makeup remover is not working, rub alcohol without hesitation.

Pump The Mascara Wand Right

Each time you pump the mascara wand, ensure some of the residues come out with each pump. It will ensure that you are pumping right, and the tube will clean thoroughly.

Stroking the wand inside out will clean the tube and remove the leftover residues from the wand. So it’s a win-win.

Give It Enough Time

Soaking the mascara tube inside with makeup remover takes at least three hours to give a good result. If you show hurry this time, some residue may stay inside the tube. Three hours are enough to break the mascara inside, making it easier to clean. It’s better to leave the makeup remover inside the tube overnight.

Now that you know the correct ways to remove all the leftover mascara from the tube and make it reusable, remove it perfectly for the best result. You can reuse it for keeping multiple things, eyelashes or eyebrow serums.

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