How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

I assume, using blush is something very adorable which every woman loves to do! Getting a blush is easy but applying it like a pro can take your breath away. Although there are various tutorials, YouTube guides and various methods explained for applying blush, there is some specific rule which every woman should know before applying blush. We have gathered here some of the essential rule for applying blushes after gathering information from various experts and artist. So, here are some rules how to apply blush.

1. Decide the Amount of Product you Need to Use: 

The first and very important rule for applying blush is you must first consider the amount of blush to be applied on face. Using the exact amount of blush is the secret to applying blush like pro. You can always go for light application and if you need you can give layers as you need. You don’t need to apply large amount of blush at the very stroke.

2. Select the Proper Color:

You should not apply a color just because your friend or someone else is using that shade. Try to dab few colors of blush over skin and know whether it suites your skin tone or not. Selecting proper color according to your skin tone is a secret to flawless looking skin. You should always consider the color of your lipstick and eye shadow you would be applying.

3. Application:

Many of women believe that using your fingertips is the best thing you can use. Using your fingertips while applying blush does not give you proper and flawless application. Instead, the layers are clearly visible over your skin and hence for proper application you should use a small blush brush. Small blush can help to give you proper strokes and also gives you a flawless skin. Applying blush with fingers does not help to blend them well with the skin and hence it is always good to use brush to apply blush.

4. Use Blush According to your Skin:

You should use blush according to your skin. Here I am actually focusing on the type of blush you are actually using. If you have dried skin, you can actually use blush that is smooth in consistency. Using a cream based blush can help to give you a flawless skin and also give you a natural look.

5. Apply in Natural Light:

The key step to apply blush is you should apply only in natural and sun light. You should never apply blush in fluorescent light or neon light because it creates an impression of fake or unusual skin. To make your makeup go longer between hours, you should apply blush in day light so that you can know the skin properly. Not only blush, but you should always apply makeup in natural or sunlight.

6. Strokes:

You should never apply blush in just one or two strokes. You should focus on going circle with blush and never finish it off in one strock. As we mentioned before, you should never apply blush using fingers but you should use small tool to apply. Small brush can help to give you control over blush and also you start applying from minimum.

7. Don’t Apply Blush Directly Over your Skin:

You should never use blush directly over your bare skin because it may cause any infection or other problems over skin. You should always get a prior coverage to your skin prior to applying the blush. What you can do is, you can apply any moisturiser or cream on your face and then apply the blush. The best tip here is you should use tinted moisturiser because it helps to give you flawless skin once you have applied blush.

8. Do not Use Powder Over Cream Based Blush:

You should never use powder over your cream based blush. In such situation, the powder which you dab on your creamy blush makes your skin look more of flaky and dry. If you think, your think is looking too much glossy or something you can use a tissue paper to remove the extra gloss from your skin. Use a tissue paper and use lightly over skin. Tissue paper also helps to blend out the extra shine from the face.

9. Layers:

You can always apply layers if needed and you should not be afraid about it. In fact, if you want to make your blush last longer, you should always layer out with blush. If needed, dab some loose powder over blush and flake out the extra powder from face. You should never apply dark or concentrated blush in one stroke, but you should apply layers. Whether you are going for shimmery or matte, you can never go wrong with matte.

10. Do not Over Do:

Do not over do with any of the makeup, even if it a simple blush. If you have any skin problem and still want to apply blush, you can apply opaque foundation. Opaque foundation helps to make your skin look natural as well as balances the skin tone. If your skin is fair or looks rosy always, use a peach or pink color blush that goes every time with your skin tone.

These were the basic rules of applying blush and you should practice all of them to apply blush like pro. Anyways girls, the trend of blush will never go away in 2016.

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How To Apply Blush Like A Pro
I assume, using blush is something very adorable which every woman loves to do! here are some rules on how to apply blush

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