How To Keep Eye Liner From Smudging

How to keep eyeliner from smudging.

We all love wearing Eyeliner in our daily makeup routine or on special occasions. However, have you ever seen your Eyeliner in places you don’t expect? There is a tendency for Eyeliner to smudge on the top and bottom lids or even under the eyes. I know this might be tremendous stress for many women.

Whether you’re wondering how to prevent Eyeliner from smudging or how to remove it, we’ve got you covered. Your look can be transformed from drab to fab with lovely eyeliner. To master eye makeup, you need some helpful hacks. In this article, we offer you some exclusive tips for preventing smudged Eyeliner. Don’t miss out!

Let’s find out how to prevent smudging and make your eyes sparkle.

How To Keep Eyeliner From Smudging

An eye makeup look is incomplete without well-defined Eyeliner. There are times when Eyeliner runs down your eyes. It is. It’s okay, don’t worry about it. You can now prevent Eyeliner from smudging with these fantastic makeup tricks!

1. Choose The Right Eyeliner Formula

A good eyeliner will never smudge or smear off your eyes. Hence, investing in a good eyeliner for your eye makeup is always an ideal choice. However, this doesn’t mean you should invest in expensive eyeliner. Many low-price brands work best on the eyes. If you can’t afford much price on Eyeliner, go for an affordable kit.

2. Prepare Your Eye Before Applying Eyeliner

Before applying smudge-proof Eyeliner near your eyes, it is always good if you prepare your eye region. How?

Clean your Face

Cleaning your face before applying makeup is always a good choice. Likewise, cleaning the eye region before applying Eyeliner is advisable. Because it removes the excess oil built up on your upper and lower eyelids; furthermore, washing the face with the cleanser can offer a smooth canvas when applying makeup on your face.

Lightweight moisturizer

Once you’ve cleaned your face, try to moisturize. However, heavy moisturizers can sometimes lead to smudging problems. Hence, we recommend you use lightweight moisturizer near your eyelids. In addition, if you love to use thick eye creams, avoid them to prevent smudging.

Apply concealer

Apply your favourite concealer to your under-eye area with patting motions. By doing this, you will be able to prevent your Eyeliner from running. Furthermore, it prevents the product from seeping into the fine lines around the eyes. The concealer evens the skin and fills all stripes with its creamy formula. As a barrier between your skin and Eyeliner, it keeps the formula fresh for a more extended period.

3. Use The Layering Technique

Isn’t it common to layer our lipstick to make it more vibrant and long-lasting? This technique requires just three steps – apply, blot, and reapply!

You can use the same trick on your Eyeliner as well. This simple trick lets you keep your Eyeliner intact for the entire day. You should apply your Eyeliner and then smudge it with a pencil brush or cotton swab. After that, reapply it again, and your Eyeliner will last for a long time. It won’t slide, smear, or slip off your eyes!

4. Use Face Powder

Even if you’ve never heard it before, it works wonders! To prevent creasing of your Eyeliner, powder your eyelids before applying Eyeliner to prevent it from slipping off. Using this technique, you can keep the Eyeliner intact and in place.

5. Oil Absorbent Sheets

Within an hour of applying makeup, you might have noticed some shine and greasiness in your eye and T-zone areas. If so, to prevent Eyeliner from creasing and sliding, use high-quality oil-absorbing sheets to blot the area to eliminate any oiliness. People with oily skin will benefit significantly from this trick.

6. Use Eye Primer

To make your Eyeliner last long, apply an eye primer, a compact powder, and then your favourite Eyeliner. The purpose of an eye primer is to set and intensify your eyeshadow. Additionally, it prevents your Eyeliner from creasing.

7. Seal It Up

If you still have trouble finding waterproof eyeliner formulas, consider eyeliner sealers, which you can easily find today. The sealer keeps Eyeliner in place for long periods. For instance, with Kryolan and Makeup Forever eyeliner sealers, you can quickly achieve winning results with your Eyeliner!

Addon Tips For Watering Eyes

For some people, eye makeup can lead to watery eyes. If you are such a person, you should also follow these tips.

1. Do Not Apply Eyeliner On The Waterline

As soon as you add makeup to your eyes, your eyes may start watering. Isn’t it? Hence, go for upper lashes instead of applying liner on your lower lids.

2. Use Good And Clean Makeup Tools

One of the obvious ways to stop watery eyes is to be hygienic. So, before applying makeup to your eyes, check whether the brushes and sponges are clean without any dirt.

3. Switch To Spray

Sometimes powder concealers are bad for your eyes, especially when you have watery eyes. This is because the water from your eyes can break the powder layer and make a streaky and patchy look on your face. Instead, use cream or liquid-based products.

4. Use A Cotton Swab Or Tissue

If the water from your eye spoils your face, use a cotton swab or tissue to clean it. That’s it.

So, now that you know how to keep your Eyeliner from smudging. Just don’t let your eyeliner smudge up your lovely masterpiece on your face.

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