How to Hide a Black Eye with Makeup?

How to Hide a Black Eye with Makeup

Getting a black eye can be quite disturbing and equally embarrassing. Fortunately, there are a few cosmetic solutions that can help you in hiding it.

Best Way to Cover a Black Eye with Makeup

You can cover up a black eye by using the right combination of cosmetics. Given below are 2 different products that can help you with the process.

Green Concealer for a Black Eye

Green Concealer for a Black Eye
  • You can use a green under-eye concealer to cover up your black eye by following a few simple steps.
  • Prep the skin around your eyes using an eye primer. It can make the skin supplier by reducing dryness. It also lets your makeup stay longer.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can use a mild under-eye gel instead of an eye primer. You can opt for an herbal gel to avoid side effects.
  • Now apply a thin layer of green concealer on the blackened areas using a soft beveled brush.

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  • Use a cotton ball and gently dab the under-eye skin to remove the excess concealer.
  • For best results, you need to use a green concealer that has a matte finish. Also, you need to select a full-coverage concealer manufactured by a reliable brand.
  • Now apply a layer of skin-toned under-eye concealer around your eyes. Select a color that suits your skin complexion.
  • Use a concealer brush of superior quality to blend the layer thoroughly around your upper and lower eyelids including the injured area.
  • Gently rub the concealer until it has fully blended with the under-eye skin. This would visibly make your black eye look normal.
  • The above method can safely conceal your black eye. However, if you have broken skin or severe pain, it is recommended to avoid any kind of makeup.

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Red Lipstick for Black Eye

Red Lipstick for Black Eye
  • Black spots or patches left by a black eye can also be covered up by using a red lipstick in combination with other makeup tricks. Follow the steps listed below to get this done.
  • Apply a mild moisturizing cream or eye primer around the eyes. Spread it using a brush or with your hands.
  • Now apply an herbal under-eye gel on your lower eyelids. This would serve as a protective layer for your injured skin.
  • After prepping the eyes apply a thin layer of light red lipstick. For this purpose, you need a good-quality matte lipstick.
  • You can apply the lipstick using your index finger and before applying you can wipe off the excess lipstick using a tissue paper.
  • Note that, the lipstick should be applied very lightly and only over areas that are dark in color owing to injury.
  • To cover up the lipstick you would need an HD concealer. For best results, use a full-coverage concealer the color of which is same as that of your skin.

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  • Carefully apply the concealer under your eyes and nearby areas using a foundation brush.
  • You can continue applying the concealer to the surrounding areas or the entire face to make the skin tone appear as even as possible.
  • Now you can give a finishing touch to your makeup by using a loose finishing powder.
  • If you want a makeover that would last for 6 to 8 hours, you would need to secure this makeup with another coat of medium or full-coverage foundation.
  • Before applying foundation you need to wait for 10 minutes so that all the layers of makeup can settle down.
  • You can use a cream-based foundation with a matt finish that blends well with your existing makeup.
  • Now you would be having a healthy-looking skin under your eyes. Note that, in the above procedure while applying the lipstick it should not come in contact with your lash line.

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Care Your Eyes

Besides looking unpleasant, a black eye can also be painful. To reduce the discomfort you can use the following remedies.

Cold Compress

Cold Compress

  • Cold compresses can reduce the inflammation and redness caused by a black eye. Here is how you can get this done.
  • Add a few cubes of ice into a bowl of water. This would make the water moderately cool.
  • Get a clean towel and immerse it in the cold water. Squeeze off the excess water and press the towel against the injured skin.
  • Repeat the process for 5 minutes and practice it 2 to 3 times a day to reduce the discoloration caused by the black eye.
  • Before you start with cold compresses, you need to clean the under-eye area and make sure that no trace of makeup or cosmetics is left behind.

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A black eye can be treated with pain medications and ointments. However, this should be done only after consulting a physician.

Even though a black eye is difficult to hide, you can almost get the job done using the above techniques.

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