Tips On How To Change Eye color

The color of our eye is determined by the genetic trait. Most of us have eye-color of the shades black,brown, green, gray and hazel. Some might have an eye color that is a combination of these shades. Every eye color is unique and altering it permanently is difficult.
But with the modern day laser surgeries, desired eye-color can be attained. Not very widely practiced yet, most still prefer to use contact lenses. But if you are skeptical that you might hurt your eyes, one can enhance their eye color by wearing different types of eye shadows. If you are keen at changing your eye color, read further to know how you could achieve that desired shade and chose the method that suits you the best.

What Determines Our Eye color?

Iris is the colored part of the eye, whose color is determined by the color of the pigmentation it has. It is astonishing to know that the eye color of a baby can change as they grow of the brown pigment melanin develops.
Our eye color originates with three genes which determine the eye color. Two of these genes give out colors like brown , green , blue. However the occurrence of other colors like hazel and other combinations is not quite explainable currently.
So now if you aren’t quite satisfied with the eye color you have, try these ways to get that desired look and feel.

1. Trying Out Contact Lenses To Change Eye Color

trying out contact lenses to change eye color

Eyeballs come in different shapes and sizes. While you might think getting contact lenses can be as easy as buying it online, we suggest that you visit an eye doctor or an optician before you buy yourself these lenses.

knowing your specific shape and fit is extremely important or checking if you have dry eyes. One needs to figure out all of this to avoid any kind of discomfort or stress in the eye after wearing the contact lenses.
Once you have your prescription, the next would be buying yourself a good pair of contact lenses. As we all know how delicate eyes are, trying something below standard will only damage them and cause you immense pain. While buying contacts, always keep in mind the duration or time span you are looking at to wear them for. Discuss with the optometrist and then pick the suitable ones. Follow the guidelines properly to avoid any kind of infection in the eyes from wearing these lenses.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1.  Never sleep with your contact on. Always remove them before sleeping and clean them in a saline solution. While you place it in the case, ensure you fill it with clean saline solution to avoid any bacterial attack on the lenses that could harm your later.
  2. Contact lenses can be cause discomfort initially, but gradually one gets use to them. Rubbing or blinking your eyes can move them from their place, but one need not panic. Just remember you are wearing lenses
  3. In case of change of light, the iris and pupil might change their sizes, but your lenses won’t. So if you see a slight obstruction, it is perfectly normal. It will be become normal in a few minutes from the change.
  4. If you are looking for a drastic eye color change, you could try opaque lenses. They will change your eye color in addition to your look completely.
  5. If using contacts are already bothering you, then try our next method. This is could help you too!

2. Trying Eye- Shadow To Change Eye Color

Well Ladies, if you are thinking using a brown eye shadow will make your eyes appear blue, then we are extremely sorry that doesn’t seem to happen. While makeup can do wonders, from making someone look their extreme, eye-shadows can only help you enhance your natural eye color.
Like we all know, trying out a brighter shade can make your eyes dark whereas trying a lighter shade can make your eyes look brighter. So to give you the right palate for you to enhance your eye color, check out these combinations.

  1. Brown Eyes – The ones with browns are quite lucky as they can sport any color. But if you have looking at enhancing them to look brighter, you could use colors like blue or purple (cool shades).
    If you are looking at giving depth to your eye color then opting for metallic shades is a great idea too.
  2. Blue Eyes – If you are looking at brightening your eye color then you should opt for shades like orange or hue. You can try out a browner peachy shade if you want your eye color to look subtle. And like the brown eyes , if you are looking at giving depth to your eye color, then metallic work the best. Especially silver and bronze.
  3. Gray Eyes – Well if you have gray eyes, then you can relax but at the same time be careful. Gray reflects the color it has around the eye. So if you want your eye color to look blue, you could wear on a darker shade of blue. As gray is a lighter shade as an eye color, one should preferably opt for eye shadow that are slighter darker on the palate.
  4. Green Eyes – Green too is a lighter shade. Your eyes tend to look bright most of the times, So ideally you should be targeting at giving them a darker depth and oomph. This will make them look deeper and prettier.
  5. Hazel Eyes – You are blessed with the beautiful combination of brown and green, that makes your eyes look hazel. You too can play with any eye shadow. For the depth you could try metallic, while for a brighter look a baby pink or plum too would look fabulous.

Check out this chart below, it help you further.

eye color

3. Opting For Surgery To Change Eye Color:

Opting For Surgery To Change Eye Color

There are two types of surgeries one can opt for changing the eye color. Both are extremely expensive and are only available at specific locations.

1. Using Laser To Remove Brown Layer:

As previously mentioned our eyes consists of layers. In this surgery, only ones who have brown eyes can surgically change their eye color to blue. Th key to the surgery is to remove the brown layer over the iris, thus exposing the blue layer underneath. This surgery lasts for only 20 seconds and is a permanent one.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. This surgery is extremely expensive and usually costs around 5000$.
  2. With passing weeks, the eyes removes other layers making your eye look more blue.
  3. Like any other eye surgery, this too might lead to blindness.

2. Using Surgery To Insert Colored Iris Implant:

 In this procedure a flexible colored iris is inserted into the eye over the natural iris. This surgery usually lasts for 15 minutes for each eye and is reversible surgically. The plus point of the surgery is that you can get the desired color of the eye you want.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Post surgery, the eyes might be red and vision could be blurry.
  2. One should avoid driving, immediately after surgery.
  3. The implanted iris can cause pressure on the natural one, that could lead to blindness.
  4. The implant can cause damage to the cornea and one might need a corneal transplant to fix this.
  5. It might cause inflammation as well.
  6. If all this is scaring you, then we have one of the easiest of the techniques for you. Have a look at the next one.

4. Why Worry When You Have Photoshop Handy:

Well all above the techniques can look difficult to do, so the easiest thing to do is use digital technology to alter and enhance your eye-color. So why wait? Get the software and start changing your eye color with every photograph as per your mood.
The above four are the most well known practices to change and enhance the eye color, however there is a natural method that few opt to lighten their eye color. They use diluted honey to do so. Honey has proven anti-bacterial properties and is used to cure eye infections but diluted honey too could be a method to lighten the eye color. But before you try this out we would suggest you seek some medical consultation

Well with this we hope you now have an idea which method you would want to opt to change your eye color. Do let us know which worked the best for you. Till then, look your best Ladies!

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