How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step

“Yes, people will go crazy”
There is very old saying “old is gold”.You must have noticed that all the past trends are coming back now whether it’s the trend of dresses or makeup. Cat eye makeup is one of them. It was invented in the era of Brigitte Bardot. This look came back in Sharmila tagger era and again came back with a big bang in OmShanti Om with Deepika padukune and the look is still seen on Sonam Kapoor at Cannes film festival. This look is versatile and classic.
Everyone loves this look and wants to try the cat eye makeup, but fear of flaws andmistakes prevail. Don’t worry girls we are here to help you out. You just need a guide and you shall be perfect in applying cat makeup. Here are different bold and beautiful versions of the much in trend cat eye makeup.

1. Window Cat Eye Makeup:

Ideal and easy style! All you have to do is apply eyeliner on top of your lash. Then, extend

the liner out from the eye. Don’t extend much just a centimeter. Now, line your lower lash. A very thin line should be drawn towards upper lash and connect both the lines. Don’t fill the tail as empty space shall create interest and will give you a bold look.

2. Slice of Color – Cat Eye Makeup:

One of the modern and super edgy look! Firstly apply eye shadow which will compliment your dress and look. Then, just draw a line that seems to go through your eye. To draw a tale of cat eye use a thin liner brush. Create two dashes in the inner corner of both eyes. One starts from upper lash and another from the lower lashline. Join them and fill the color. Keep on shading and defining around eyes with neutraltone. You can use any liner color. The catch is just to play with the right colours.

3. Negative Space Cat Eye Makeup:

Sensationalblack eye liner is surely not for everyone. But, if you want smoky eyes, stay here, it will help you. Use liner and create the illusion of outer eye flick using negative space. Apply the eye shadow, according to the requirement on the upper and lower lid. Use two shades lighter and darker as will create definition. The last step is dipping the Q-tip in waterproof eye makeup remover and spitting it on top and bottom. That’s it you are done with this. This bold look has ramp ready.

4. The Rounded Cat Eye Makeup:

Rounded cat eye look is bold and dramatic. With the help of thin brush, outline the eyes in the shape whichwould youlike to have and create half circles in the inner and outer corner and connect the lines. With the help of flat brush fill the liner in the shape. After that, using a cotton ball clean up the lines for perfection of shape.

5. Graphic Cat Eye Makeup:

I must say one of the simple and easy versions of cat eye makeup is this Graphic method. It will compliment with black dresses at night out and parties. At the end if you create interesting shapes it willgive you a bold look. You can use any one either gel or pencil to create angles at the end. You can have an extra long triangle or square shade. Before creating the angle on the day of a night out, you must try it in advance if you aren’t sure. Create the angle which will suit you the most.Use drops to mark and connect the drops when shaping at the end.You are going to rock the party.

6. 60’s Inspired Cat Eye Makeup:

Use a soft and light shadow on the upper lid and to pop up your eye, dust it on the lid and lower lashline. Draw a lineat the corners and around the sockets. Pretty simple, Isn’t it?

It is Time to Know the Steps for How To Do Cat Eye Makeup:

Step 1: Apply Eyeliner

  • Find the shade of eye-shadow which you want to use and apply it using an eye shadow brush.

Step 2: Apply Highlighter

  • Apply the highlighter color on your inner brow. You must apply on the natural arch.

Step 3: Apply Darker Brown Color on Eyelid

  • Apply brown color on the crease and on outer portion. Blend the color.

Step 4: Apply Eyeliner Pencil

  • Apply the pencil. Start doting from the inner corner to outer corner. You must be close to lash line as possible.

Step 5: Use Dots as a Guide

  • Using a liquid linerto connect the dots. Keep close to lash line.

Step 6: Extend the Corner

  • Slant the liner when you are in the middle of the eye and extend it to the eye’s corner. Fill it. Extending the corner will give you a cat look.

Step 7: Apply liner to Lower Lash

  • According to your requirement liner can be thin and thick. Liner line must be close to your lash line.

Step 8: Apply Mascara

  • Apply mascara, before it curl your lashes.

For more tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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