How to Use Eyebrow Pencil to Shape Eyebrows

How to Use Eyebrow Pencil to Shape Eyebrows

One of the best ways to give a proper shape and look to your face is by defining the eyebrows. No matter you do not have thick eyebrows like others or you want to make them look bold even though you have tweezed it, then you can make use of the right powders and pencils to give the bolder and fuller look to your brows easily.

How to Choose an Eyebrow Pencil

There are few things that you should keep in mind when choosing an eyebrow pencil and they are the color of your hair, the eye color, and your skin tone. It is a good idea to get a brow pencil that is within one or two shades of your hair color; darker eyes will look good with lighter brow shade and light eyes with light brown shade women can go for darker brow tone.

Brown Hair

The general rule is to stay one or two shades close to your hair color and make sure to match the brow color with your highlight and not with the base. A medium bow brow pencil will work wonders for your brows.

Blonde Hair

A blond with light eyes and skin color needs to use a brow pencil color that matches the base color of the hair. It will provide the definition and the bigger look to the eyes and make sure not to match the brow color to the lightest color of the hair as it will make you look tired.

Black Hair

Most of the people with black hair would look to use a brow pencil that matches the hair color and this look often makes them looks fake. It is better to go for medium brown brow color.

Red Hair

A woman with red hair and pink skin tone should not look to go for pink brow color as it might lean towards an orange shade. A good option here is to stick with some ashy colored brows.

How to Choose the Shape of Eyebrows Depending on the Type of Face?

One of the things that you should look into when shaping the eyebrows is to consider the shape of your face. A perfect brow that is sculpted to suit the shape of your face will help in enhancing the features of the eye and will make it open up.

Long Face

A flat eyebrow is the best for a long face as it will help in creating an optical illusion and make the face look shorter.

Oval Face

This is considered to be a perfect face shape with the brows are already oval shape and hence they will not make any significant change to the face. The perfect eyebrow shape to enhance the look of oval shape is in the thickness of the brow. People with a high forehead, large lips and eyes must go for thicker brows and slimmer arches are recommended for women with smaller facial features.

Round Face

The perfect brow shape for round-faced women will be a structured one that has angled arches in the middle and longer brows towards the end. Look to make an arch as high as possible in the middle.

Square Face

As the face is already having a boxy look, it is important to reduce this look on the face by adjusting the arch of the brows. The secret to making the square face look narrow and longer is by giving a sharp peak at the top of the eyebrow.

Diamond Face

The curved brow shape is perfect for the diamond faced people as it will make the widest portion of the face to look less wide and also softens the face. It is also a good idea to try out a flat brow shape to make the face look flatter.

Heart Face

A rounded eyebrow will sit perfectly on a heart-shaped face. Add length to a short heart face with a highly arched brow and give the face a natural look by using a low rounded eyebrow shape.

How to Draw Eyebrows with a Pencil: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

It is important to keep the eyebrow hair in place to get the desired shape on it. This is done by applying the gel on the brow using smooth and soft strokes.

Step 2

To get the perfect shape of the brow, it is necessary to get rid of excess and unwanted out of shape brow hairs. It can be done using tweezers.

Step 3

Trimming the eyebrows is the next exercise and it should be done using a lash comb and a curved scissor. This scissor will help in giving the shape and arch to the eyebrow.

Step 4

Shaving the lengthy brow hairs using a facial razor will help in giving the perfect shape to the brow. Stretch the eyebrow skin with your fingers and work the razor on the brow to remove unwanted hair.

Step 5

Measure the arch angle of bot the brows to make them both look symmetrical. The brow point’s end must be at 45-degree angle from the eye’s outer end and this will help in defining the outline of the eyebrows. This is done by using a brow brush and a brow pencil.

Step 6

Now that the brows are shaped, it is time to fill them with the eyebrow pencil by making feathery strokes. The concentration must be on the areas where the brow is sparse.

Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes with Eyebrow Pencil

The most common mistake that women make when using the brow pencil is to use a wrong colored pencil. It is wise to use a brow pencil shade that is one or two shades lighter than your hair color.

The second mistake is by not sharpening the pencil and using a blunt pencil on the brows. This will not help in getting the preferred brow shape and look.

The third common mistake is to go heavy-handed when using the brow pencil. It is ideal to use light and short pencil strokes on the brow to bring out the natural look instead of drawing a hard line.

By making use of the above-mentioned tips, there is no way you can make any mistake when using the eyebrow pencil to shape the brows.

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