How to Trim Your Eyebrows? Step by Step Guide

How to Trim Your Eyebrows Step by Step Guide

Many people would not know that you can even trim your eyebrows (1). Trimming of eyebrows may sound scary to some, like a nightmare come true. But, with a few beauty tips and guidance, you will ace the art of trimming your brows perfectly. Trimming regularly at home can help maintain the eyebrows and keep up with the shape.

While trimming your eyebrows at home, you will need to pay complete attention to it and have a proper setup and tools for the process. No accidents or overdoing is acceptable. Otherwise, it is going to ruin your look for a more extended period before the brows grow back again. Before you start to practice trimming like a pro, you need to understand how to trim your eyebrows.

Why Do We Need to Trim Eyebrows?

trim eyebrows

Grooming our eyebrows requires not only unwanted brow hair to be removed and shaped. Trimming eyebrows is equally essential to the look and is a finishing touch that completes the whole look. No one wants the extra length of brow hair sticking up and wrecking the beauty of the eyebrows.

Trimming your brow hair between appointments can help you maintain a polished look. You need to get the eyebrows trimmed if:

  • Your brow hair is thick
  • Dense eyebrows overlap each other and ruin the shape of the eyebrow
  • Your brow hair is long enough to give a cluttered and untidy look
  • The sleek eyebrow style is your go-to look

Tools Required for Trimming

Tools required for trimming

If you are thinking you will only require a small scissors to trim the eyebrow, you are not entirely correct. You would need few other tools apart from scissors to get a trim done yourself like a professional.

  • A spoolie: A Spoolie is a brush that looks like a mascara brush. It is used as a tiny comb for the eyebrows.
  • Tweezers: Tweezers are one of the beauty tools that are used to pluck out the stray hair from the eyebrows.
  • Scissors: It is not recommended to use just any scissors to trim the brow hair. It would be best to get yourself eyebrow scissors or cuticle scissors to shape the brows precisely.

Steps to Trim Your Eyebrows

Now that you know about the tools to trim your eyebrows perfectly, here is how to implement those tools and shape the brow hair.

  • Clip back your hair to avoid any distractions, which can lead to over-trimming of the brow hair.
  • Using a spoolie brush, gently brush your eyebrows upwards. Any hair that exceeds the length and seems to be falling out of place needs to be snipped off.
  • The hair that falls along the line with the top of your eyebrows are the right ones, but the ones that stick out of the brow line need to be trimmed. Start trimming those standing out brow hair using the eyebrow scissors. Be careful while trimming the hair and begin with trimming lightly and slowly.
  • Now using the spoolie brush, repeat brushing downwards and trim the hair that sticks out of your bottom brow line. Trim one hair at a time.
  • Using tweezers removes any extra unwanted hair growth.


You can trim your eyebrows with ease at home if you do not want to go to a salon for every single thing. With some patience and practice, you can ace trimming your eyebrow hair at home. It would help if you also had the correct tools to avoid any mishaps in your look. But if you still need to feel more confident to trim your eyebrows, get help from professionals.

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