How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded?

How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded

Out of all the features on the face, eyebrows are the ones that need to be done with perfection. Eyebrows help to bring balance to your face and make it look neat and proportional. There are different ways, such as waxing, plucking, shaving, and threading, to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows and make it perfectly shaped. While these methods remove hair temporarily, laser and electrolysis hair removal techniques give longer results.

In this article, we will discuss eyebrow threading and its benefits and answer some common questions people ask, such as how often to get eyebrows threaded.

Eyebrows Threading

Eyebrow threading is a process where you remove the extra and unwanted hair from the eyebrow with the help of a cotton thread (1). Usually, the expert uses a threading tool or simply a cotton thread made specifically for the purpose to pull out the hair follicle from its root.

The first step of threading involves cleansing the eyebrow area to remove debris, makeup, or oils, followed by prepping the thread. This thread is twisted multiple times to create a loop with a center twist. Now, the expert will place the twisted section of the thread around the targeted hair, and by moving the twisted section back and forth, individual hair or small groups of hair will be removed.

The process is repeated until the perfect shape of the eyebrows is achieved. Finally, to get a more refined result, hair that is excessively long is trimmed. If the threaded area has become red and sensitive, your threader may apply a soothing gel or cream to reduce discomfort.

Since no chemical is used in this process, it is completely safe and, therefore, preferred by many women over waxing and shaving.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrows Threading

Threading is proclaimed to be one of the safest methods for removing extra hair from the eyebrow while giving it an excellent finish. It is considered to be a better and noninvasive method than all the other hair removal techniques, such as waxing, tweezing, or laser.

The eyes and surrounding area are very sensitive and delicate, so threading targets only the hair that needs to be removed and does not affect the skin underneath and around the eyebrows.

How Often Should You Get the Threading of Eyebrows Done?

Usually, the answer to this question depends upon various factors such as how fast every individual grows their eyebrow hair back and how well they want to maintain the right shape and neatness around eyebrows.

Here are some common considerations when it comes to the frequency of eyebrow threading-

1. Hair Growth Rate: If your hair growth rate is fast, you may need more trading sessions in a month than women who have a slower hair growth rate. On the other hand, those whose hair grows slowly and retains its eyebrow shape for a long time can tread once a month.

2. Shape: Some women like the natural look of their eyebrows, and getting a few extra hairs doesn’t make a huge difference. However, for others, perfectly shaped and well-groomed eyebrows are a big deal. If you are a former one, you won’t mind stretching the time between appointments.

3. Personal preference: Freshly groomed and shaped eyebrows give you a neat look. If you prefer the same, you may need more appointments in a month than those who are more relaxed.

4. Maintenance: If you get your eyebrows threaded regularly, you will require fewer sessions in the long run. On the contrary, missing appointments will make your eyebrows overgrown and unruly, requiring more extensive reshaping.

People generally do not wait longer for their hair to grow back to full length and then go for threading. They get the eyebrows threading done when the hair starts to grow back, and they are big enough to get pulled out in the thread loop. This way, you maintain the neatness and proportion of the face.

A general guideline is to get your eyebrows threaded every 2 to 4 weeks. Following it has the benefit that hair growth becomes slow. Pulling out hair with the root impairs the hair follicle over time and slows down hair growth.

So, if you regularly get threading done over a long time, the perfect shape may last for an extended period, around 3-5 weeks.

Tips for Threading

  • Threading may cause redness and slight swelling around the eyebrows; to reduce that, you can cleanse your face with cold water after threading.
  • Apply astringent (2) after threading as it prevents any infection or breaks out to the open pores.
  • You can even apply aloe vera gel or rosewater to relieve the irritation.


Threading of eyebrows is an easy, safe, and fastest way of removing the unwanted hair. It contours the shape of the eyebrows and intensifies the facial attribute. At the same time, threading is affordable and readily available in nearly all salons.

How often you get your eyebrows threaded depends on various factors, the major deciding factor being your personal preference. Still, to keep them perfectly shaped and well-groomed, you need to get them done every 2 to 3 weeks.

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