What Are Laminated Eyebrows?: Procedure and Benefits

What Are Laminated Eyebrows Procedure and Benefits

Our eyes are the most influential part of our face, more than any other feature, and eyebrows make it more attractive. We have seen many brow trends over the past few years, from thin eyebrows to fuller ones. These days, what is super trendy in the beauty industry is the lamination of brows, and the trend has been here for quite some time.

Not everyone is aware of the brow lamination, and even if they are, they won’t know the procedure for that. In this article, we will help you understand what lamination eyebrow is, its benefits, and the process to attain it.

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a process in which your eyebrow hair is temporarily redirected upwards and into place. It comes under cosmetic treatment that texturizes the brow hair, giving them specific shape and quality.

In the procedure, a gentle perm solution and neutralizing lotion are used, followed by a moisturizing treatment to soften the hair follicles and then restyle them into an elegant, elevated, and even shape.

For laminated brow, first it is essential to straighten the brow hair using certain chemical solutions, followed by other extensive methods.

Process for Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is done in the salon by an experienced technician. Below are the steps on how the brow hair is laminated-

1. Eyebrow Cleansing

The treatment begins first and foremost with cleansing the eyebrows and the area around them to ensure there is no oil and makeup. At the same time, astringent is applied to ensure the area is free from any kind of bacteria (1).

2. Eyebrow Relaxing

Eyebrow relaxing

The next step is to apply a cream that can relax the brow hair and make them soft. Once the hair becomes soft, they become flexible enough to give the desired shape and to lift them upwards.

This cream helps to alter the hair and its keratin chain into a new structure and achieve a straighter, smoother appearance. These solutions typically contain a combination of active ingredients that break down the protein bonds in the hair, allowing it to be reshaped and straightened.

After applying eyebrow relaxing cream, a plastic wrap is applied to cover the eyebrows for 5 minutes to accelerate the process.

3. Application of Neutralizing Solution

After 5 minutes when the plastic wrap is removed and relaxing cream is wiped off, a neutralizing lotion is applied to the eyebrows (2). This lotion contains ingredients that help restore the hair’s pH balance and neutralize the chemical process that has altered the hair structure. Usually, it contains conditioning agents, acidifiers, stabilizers, emollients, preservatives, etc.

The lotion is left to set the eyebrows for a few minutes while again covered with the plastic wrap. With the help of a small eyebrow brush the hair is set into the upward desired position.

4. Removing Extra Hairs

Once the brows are established, with the help of tweezers, extra hair is plucked out. Some people remove unwanted hair with waxing as well. Brow scissors is also used to cut the extra-long hair from the tip that looks out of place.

Once the lamination treatment is done, it is not allowed to get the eyebrows wet. You need to avoid indulging in activities that can cause sweat. Likewise, steam should be prohibited for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

The next day you can wash your face as now the shape won’t get spoiled and eyebrows will be in the upright position.

Benefits of Laminating the Eyebrows

One of the prime benefits of getting the eyebrows laminated is achieving an aesthetic shape that complements your face and overall appearance. Lamination makes the brows look fuller and makes the face look more defined, neat, and lifted.

At the same time, eyebrow lamination enhances the beauty of the eyes and accentuates the appearance of the face. The face looks more confident and pleasing.

Eyebrow lamination is non-intrusive and lasts for up to 8 weeks. That means one less thing to manage during daily beauty routine and thus, saving time.


Lamination eyebrows are one of the latest fads in the beauty industry. You can definitely try it to experiment with your look and stay in trending fashion. However, it is important to practice aftercare so as not to ruin the beauty of the lamination.

Although eyebrow lamination can be done at home, it is strongly recommended that it be done in the salon under the expertise of professionals. The lamination gives the eyebrow a natural look and can be defined as an alternative to microblading.

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