I Hate My Brow Lamination! What Can I Do About It?

i hate my brow lamination

Our eyebrows generally grow in different directions, creating a distorted look. This might not look well-groomed even on brushing them. To deal with this issue, you can go for a non-invasive process known as brow lamination. Read on to know more about it and what to do when it goes wrong.

Brow Lamination And Its Benefits

Brow lamination is a beauty treatment that involves straightening the brow hairs so they can appear full and in the right direction. Its benefits include:

  1. A naturally attractive eyebrows can be created.
  2. Brows appear full and fluffy.
  3. No operations/ invasive process is needed to enhance your looks.
  4. The impact can last for about 8 weeks

Things To Expect In A Brow Lamination

  1. A patch test should be done before going for brow lamination to avoid any kind of allergies.
  2. You can’t do anything that can wet the eyebrows. This is required for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Hence you need to avoid exercising or showering.
  3. It is better to go with grown brows which haven’t been trimmed as this can result in fluffier results after the brow lamination.
  4. In the process, first the stray hairs are threaded for getting a good shape. Then, with a tool or solution, the hairs are made straight and shaped well. A clear wrap is used for flattening the hair and left for 30 minutes. The process is ended with the application of hydrating serum to keep the eyebrows nourishes.

Why Does Brow Lamination Go Wrong?

Based on the type of perm used, brow laminations can go wrong because of Thioglycolic Acid(TA). This is a strong perming agent, the same as the one used for perming hair on the head. It works by breaking the hair structure so that restructuring it can be done in a different way to curl, straighten or lift the hair.

TA instantly increases the hair pH, after which a neutralizing agent is used to lower the pH again. This restructures the hair into a new position. Such aggressive increase and decrease in pH levels weaken the hair which can damage and make it frizzy.

How To Resolve When Brow Lamination Goes Wrong?

You can go for any following options below when a brow lamination goes wrong:

1. Wait Patiently and Condition Your Brows: You can reduce frizz in your hair instantly, so you need to wait till it grows out completely, which might take 1-3 months. During this period, try the conditioning treatments such as using avocado or organic coconut oil.

2. Opt for Keratine Blow Lamination: This technique makes use of a perming agent named Cysteine. It straightens the kinks and frizz from the brows caused by lamination. In any case, it is not advisable to get another Thioglycolic Acid brow lamination as this will simply worsen the situation.

3. Role of Cysteine: Cysteine gradually raises the brows’ pH level and gently restructures the hair without damaging it. Cystine is heat activated so once the heating stops, the processing too, so there’s the least probability of over-processing and the hair scales can still be lifted. It also impacts them the strength and hydration.

4. Washing The Brows: When you dislike your brow lamination results and it has just been 24-48 hours since the service, just wet the brows as it will prevent the neutralizer from setting in. Be careful while doing this as brows are in a sensitive state after the lamination and wetting might cause more harm.

5. Use Exfoliants on The Brows: Rather than using the exfoliants directly on the brows, to avoid irritation, use them around the brow so that, over time the brows will naturally fall because of the increased use of skincare exfoliants.

Brow lamination lasts long but isn’t permanent so apart from the above ways of fixing a wrong brow lamination, try brushing through your brows daily, in the desired shape with a clean mascara wand, to reduce the impact of lamination.

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