Top 17 Proven Health Benefits of Onions (Pyaz) That You Must Know

Health Benefits of Onions

“Tears are not always bad sometimes they bring many benefits with them”.

No doubt onion brings down tears, but yes, onion fights against the ailments. It comes from Lilly family and without onion, food becomes boring. Don’t you think so? So to add taste and make food yummy and scrumptious onion is a must. Onions Count amongst the World’s Healthiest Food and is used  almost daily in every home. Most of the people do not like the pungent odor of onions, but can’t neglect its advantages too. It can be used with any recipe.It acts as the healing medicine and makes the skin glow with its detoxification properties. Onion is enriched with fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. One must consume 100-150 grams of onions every day not only for good skin but also for good health.(1)

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Health Benefits of Onions

1. Avoid Infections

It acts as an anti-biotic as well as antiseptic. These properties of onion help in protecting us from different infections. Onion acts as an immediate cure for fever, cold or allergies. Even works against the side effects of fever. Just keep a small piece of onion on the forehead it will help you out within no time.(2)

2. Helps in Curing and Preventing Cancer

Onion is a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in curing and even preventing cancer. Not only cancer patients, but everyone must add more onions in their diet.Onion protects you from different cancer like Colon, Prostate and stomach cancer.(3)

3. Helps in Sound Sleep

Those who are having a problem of insomnia or sleeping disorders, then onions can be your best friend. Consuming one onion a day will surely help you to get a good and sound night sleep.(4)

4. Helps in Improving Digestive System

Are you having digestion problems? If yes, then onion will help you in getting relief. As onion helps increase the releasing rate of digestion juices which will improve your digestive system. Onions promote digestion.(5)

5. Helps in Curing Burnt Skin

By bad luck if your skin burns or a bee or any other insect bites, apply onion juice over the problem area. While applying onion juice, be prepared as itwill burn for a while, but it acts as good healer and helps in reducing scars.

6. Lower Blood Cholesterol

If you have bad cholesterol,onions helps you to burn cholesterol. We all know bad cholesterol causes heart problems. Onions even protect the good cholesterol in our body.(6)

7. Regulates Blood Sugar

Onions help to increase insulin and helps in controlling sugar level. Increase onion consumption to avoid and cure sugar problems.

8. Helps in Curing Body Pains

If you are having body pain or any other ache then using this trick can get some relief. All you have to do is fry onions in castor oil and consume them this will help to heal all aches.

9. Helps in Treating Dark Patches

Now a day’s many people are suffering from dark patches and pigmentation. Here is a trick to get rid of all these problems. Apply onion and turmeric juice on the affected areas and you will see the results. By mixing onion juice and yogurt in equal amount and add a few drops of essential oil in the mask and massage for 10 minutes in the circular motion with the pack. By adopting this step, you will get a positive result for dark spots.(7)

10. Used to Cure Eye Problems

From ancient times, the onion juice is used to cure eye problems. For clear vision,onion juice is used as eye drops for infants as well as elders.

11. Used for Hair Problems

By applying onion juice on your scalp, you can get rid of lice and even hair fall.  It is used in many hair related problems. Used as a natural conditioner for hairs.

To maintain your hair color:  Apply onion juice on your hairs or blend onion with mustard oil and apply it on your hairs. By taking these steps, your natural color will be retained.

If you want onion as natural conditioner: Make a paste by mixing onion and fenugreek and apply it on your hairs. Wait for 1 hour and wash your hair with mild shampoo.(8)

12. Provides Anti – Ageing Benefits

Onion consists of antioxidant vitamins A; C and E which provide anti-ageing benefits. Vitamin E helps to protect us from the damage caused by UV rays. Onion is power bank of quercetin, which acts as an antioxidant and prevents wrinkles.  Massage your skin with onion juice, it will improve your skin appearance and increase blood circulation.(9)

13. Helps in Treating Acne

The anti bacterial and anti microbial property of onion will work on your skin. It will avoid acne and other skin problems. Take one tablespoon of onion juice and one tablespoon of olive oil and mix them. Apply it on your face and leave for 15- 20 minutes and rinse with water. Consuming onion regularly will help to prevent acne as well.

14. Helps in Lightening the Complexion

It consists of flavonoids, which purify your blood. Consume onions regularly as it will help your skin to glow and your skin will look healthier.

How? Well, Make a paste by mixing 1 ½ tablespoon onion juice, 2 tablespoon gram flour and ½ tablespoon milk and very little amount of nutmeg. Mix them well and after this, add some more milk if required. Apply iton your face and leave it till it dries and Dab cotton ball in milk and using this cotton ball remove the pack.

15. Helps in Maintaining Bone Health

Onions give you healthy bone system. According to recent research, it consists of a compound which helps to prohibit bone loss.It is mostly observed in women after the age of 30’s and even good for those women who have a risk of osteoporosis.(10)

16. Treats Asthma

Patients of asthma must increase onions in their diet. Onions can help them in treating asthma.(11)

17. Helps in Preventing Oral Infection

The bactericidal property of onion helps to prevent oral infection as well as tooth decay. According to recent research, if one chews raw onion for 2-3 minutes it will kill all the germs which cause oral problems. If you have a toothache, then place a piece of onion on that tooth. You will get relief.(12)

So, don’t avoid onions just because it makes you cry or due to the bad odour. Onion is a magical remedy in your everyday kitchen which has countless benefits aiding several health issues as well supports growth.

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