How To Use Neutral Protein Filler for Hair

how to use neutral protein filler,

Bleaching, coloring, and multiple hair treatments may leave hair over-processed and fried. Also, such treatments make the hair terribly porous. It becomes hard for such hair to take color and look smooth. It is because the porous hair cannot trap the color molecules inside the hair shaft and color bleeds out soon, causing faded hair color.

If you have brassy and highly porous hair and it is getting difficult to maintain good hair color, it’s time to use neutral protein filler. It helps in making the hair feel healthy and ensures better color absorption.

What Is Neutral Protein Filler?

Neutral protein filler is a miracle product that makes the hair healthy and works wonders when you want to color your hair. It fixes the porous hair and enhances its ability to absorb the color molecules.

Such filler comprises hydrolyzed proteins that equalize porosity. Such protein clings to the hair and fills the void to help you get smoother and thicker hair strands. It is generally used before the color process. The results are astounding as it prevents uneven color results and makes sure the hair will not get damaged due to chemicals.

Although protein fillers come in multiple types, neutral protein filler is the most popular and easy to use. It works exceptionally well and is highly effective on porous hair that is not taking hair color evenly.

How To Use Neutral Protein Filler?

Even though it works wonders on hair, it is essential that you know how to use it properly to get the best result.

1. As a pre-color treatment– Clean your hair and apply the filler evenly to the towel-damp hair. Let the filler sit on the hair for at least 20 minutes. Do not rinse. Now take the color and apply it as you usually do. Once you rinse the color, apply a moisturizing conditioner to get the best result.

Note: you may transfer the protein filler into a spray bottle that will help in easier application.
Many people use it directly with the color mixture, and it is reported to give good results. However, you should always use it as per the directions, using it as a pre-color treatment.

2. As a protein repair treatment– mix 2 ounces of neutral protein filler with one ounce of water. Now apply this mixture to hair as a conditioner treatment. It will restore the keratin that strips out due to over-processing and make hair healthier and stronger. It gives great results and is highly recommended for highly porous and damaged hair.

Note: You can use this treatment once a month between coloring sessions to furnish the lost protein from the hair and keep them healthy. Make sure you do not overperform this process, as loading the hair with an excess of protein will make them prone to breaking, and their elasticity will reduce.

Benefits Of Neutral Protein Filler

The most common use of protein filler is using it as a pre-color treatment. It gives amazing results if the hair is damaged and porous. Other benefits of neutral protein fillers include the following

  • It helps in getting even coverage– While porous and damaged areas of hair cannot process color evenly, the use of protein filler helps make the porosity less, which helps in getting even coverage. It prepares the hair strands to absorb color evenly to get the best result.
  • Replenish hair protein– Multiple chemical treatments reduce hair quality, making them damaged, brassy and fried. Protein filler is your savior if you have hair damage due to excessive bleaching and coloring. It will make hair healthy and prepare them for the next coloring session.
  • Long-lasting coloring– When applied before coloring, the color stays evenly and for longer. The color gets locked in the strands and stays longer.
  • Improve the overall appearance of health– Protein fillers replenish the lost protein and fill porous ends. It adds luster and shine to the hair, making them look healthier and thicker.


For all those who love bleaching and coloring their hair, protein filler is the most beneficial product. While chemicals damage the hair and make them look brassy, protein filler helps keep the hair’s health maintained.
Always remember to moisturize the hair with a deep conditioner after every protein treatment. It will help to re-furnish the lost moisture in the hair. Once used, make sure you keep the leftover conditioner in the refrigerator because once the formula has been diluted, bio-active ingredients in it may get spoiled.

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