Can You Use Eye Shadow As Contour

can you use eyeshadow as contour

When it comes to reducing the weight of your makeup bag and going minimal with the products, usually, the lipstick comes to the rescue. Apart from coloring the lips, you can use your lipstick as a blush, eyeshadow, and whatnot. But, do you know that you can also use your eyeshadow as a contour?

Though a lipstick is a multi-tasker, an eyeshadow is versatile too that can work on your brows, cheekbones, and hairline where lipsticks fail to do wonders. Investing in a versatile eye shadowing palette can help avoid a long list of additional makeup products. Just one right eyeshadow palette and your makeup bag are sorted.

Can You Use Eye Shadow As Contour

Using Eyeshadow As A Contour

The right makeup can enhance your features and make you look more beautiful. While there are different products for different face sections, one eyeshadow can bring the character you always desired with the right contouring.

Contouring helps perk up the facial features by forging the jawline and recreating the eye shape. It helps outline the eyes and gives them a natural and improved shape. It is more useful when the eyes are small. Check the step-by-step process for contouring.

Step 1- Application

Even out the skin by applying moisturizer or base. Focus on the cheeks, nose, and underneath the chin. Make sure you get an even look by tapping the excess product to prevent stripes on the face. The idea is to avoid over-application of the base.

Step 2- Set the cheeks.

Suck the cheeks under the cheekbone for the hollow and draw a line from the center of the ear towards the corner of the mouth after the hollow. Use a fluffy brush to apply eyeshadow or powder. With the finger, apply it to the diagonal stripe. You can also use a flourishing powder brush for an upward movement to clear the lines and melt the pigments into the skin.

Step 3- Set the nose.

With the help of a finger or brush, apply a small quantity to the bridge on the sides of the nose. By setting the nose, we mean making it look slim or giving an illusion of it being slimmer. Draw lines across the nose on both sides and mix.

Step 4- Set the chin.

Create a shadow under the chin and neck for proper contouring. Draw the line at the jaw’s bone and work it into the skin. Brushing to create a shadow below the jaw contours the area perfectly.

Different Ways Of Using The Palette Eyeshadow

You know by now that eyeshadow can function in multiple ways; here, we are listing some of them to help you get an extraordinary look.

1. Filling the brows

There is no need to get a separate pencil to fill the eyebrows when you have an eyeshadow palette. Take a powdered palette and use a brown shade to fill in the brows. You can mix it with a spoolie brush to get bold and natural-looking brows.

2. Emphasizing the characteristics

You can use your eyeshadow as a highlighter to enhance your facial features. While highlighters are costly and come in different shades, you save your money and space with one right eyeshadow palette. A fine metallic or shimmer eyeshadow with shades of cream or powder can work to highlight the desired parts of the face. You can go for shades like silver, golden, or roses.

3. Using it as a bronzer

You can use orange, yellow, or red eyeshadow tones to bronze the face and get a chiseled look. If you are using cream eyeshadow, you can mix it with a moisturizer that will help simplify the mixing and blending process. With the help of a fluffy brush, remove the excess sparkle and apply it over the face to get the perfect look.

4. For touch-up hair color

If you want to even out your hairline or just want to fill up the pieces, do it with the help of a matte shadow that goes well with your hair. Take the powder formula and apply it to the scalp across the hairline with the help of a fluffier eyeshadow brush.

5. Correcting and Concealing

Imperfections of the skin can be managed using orange, red, green, yellow, or neutral shades of eyeshadow. You may also try using the same shade to similar the effects. Use only matte finish colors for the perfect result.

You can use eyeshadow not just for contouring but for multiple uses, as mentioned above. It is a one-man-army that can take over most of your makeup products. Just make sure to use matte colors and sculpt your dark and light shades contouring.

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